1. Beehanger

    Anyone in Seattle driving to Idaho soon and could drop off my 60 rims?

    Hi all, Just got a fj60 LC Last month, super stoked but didnt get the original rims. A mudder in the Seattle area is selling me his old ones for a bargain, but shipping em would be pricey. Anyone heading down to Idaho soon that wouldn't mine throwing em in their trunk? I could drive an hour for...
  2. beigecruiser

    Wanted  Seattle Area: Looking for 33x10.5 R15 tires to buy or trade

    Title says most of it. I'd consider buying the full wheelset or just the tires. If you're interested in trading, I have 5 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT's for sale. Just bought them a few days ago but they're 31x10.5 R15's and with the lift on my rig, I'd prefer to go back to 33's. They're mounted...
  3. K

    Transmission issues - what is normal?

    I've read a bunch of threads but none of them seem to mention my collection of transmission "issues" - trying to determine what is normal vs what I should take it to a shop to get worked on. I have a '91 full time 4WD which I understand is the A440F auto transmission with ~247,000 miles on it...
  4. V

    FJ40 shop in Seattle?

    Hey everyone. I just joined the FJ40 community, having just bought a '72! It's my first Landcruiser and I'd like to take it somewhere and have an experienced guy give it a once over. Is there a reputable shop in the Seattle area? I know about TORFAB in Everett but I was hoping for somewhere a...
  5. jltemlock

    Transmission Specialists in Seattle Area?

    Hi Everyone: I'm pretty sure that one (or many) of the transmission seals have gone bad on my 93 FJ 80. After cranking up the engine for about 2-3 minutes transmission fluid begins leaking pretty heavily out of the weep holes in the bellhouse. However, dropping the transmission to get a look...
  6. tbisaacs

    Events/Trails  Seattle area role call and planning thread

    Creating a placeholder to rally the Seattle area 200s to get together for coffee, beers and trails. There are a couple of regional clubhouses but I don’t have the rights to create a new one on this forum.
  7. LC200ER

    Seattle region intermediate off-roading location

    Hello fellows, I have a 2018 LC200 and I am looking for places to test my rig. Any recommendation of 4x4 locations near Seattle that doesn't have clearance requirements? Thanks
  8. D

    For Sale  Goose Gear LC200 Platform and 40inch Drawer

    Looking to sell my Goose Gear LC200 Platform and 40 inch drawer. I purchased these with a Goose Gear fridge slide, and I only wanted the fridge slide so looking to get rid of the rest as I don't own a 200 series Land Cruiser. I'm willing to ship the platform, I assume it will cost about $50...
  9. A

    For Sale  1991 Landcruiser PZJ70V - 138k miles - $10,500 - Seattle

    $11,500 (plus tax / license for WA residents) Toyota Landcruiser PZJ70V Japanese import in very solid shape with zero rust. Excellent 1-PZ 3.5 liter - essentially a 5-cylinder and naturally aspirated version of 1HZ - with gear-driven injector pump. Recent timing belt change and newly serviced...
  10. A

    For Sale  1991 JDM 70-series

    $11,500 (plus tax / license for WA residents) Toyota Landcruiser PZJ70V Japanese import in very solid shape with zero rust. Excellent 1-PZ 3.5 liter - essentially a 5-cylinder and naturally aspirated version of 1HZ - with gear-driven injector pump. Recent timing belt change and newly serviced...
  11. G

    MUDShip  Sacramento area to Seattle area

    I am trying to purchase some used springs, hangers, and shackles and need to get them from the Sacramento area to the Seattle area. Anybody making the trip soon?
  12. B

    Wanted  Want to buy 4runner to take from Seattle to Ancorage

    Like the title says I am looking for a 4runner to take me and my stuff to Alaska and all over Canada this summer. My budget for a vehicle is no more than $3000. Help me out and post up what you have for me to take. I am located in Seattle and probably won't travel more than 1 state over to get a...
  13. musthave

    RTH Seattle battery / idle

    Land cruiser, 97. Two batteries. Stored in Seattle since July. Went to start it today, dead battery. Got a jump and it started. Let it sit for a minute or a two, put it in drive and it died. Jumped again, noticed very low idle. Disconnected jumpers put it in drive and it stalled. Did this a 4th...
  14. hidesertfj40

    MUDShip  Seattle to Norcal

    I need one spare tire from Seattle to Sacramento area.... Anyone ?
  15. 89GASHOG

    craigslist  1992 HZJ70 LHD in Seattle area 26K

    No affiliation. Alright, where did this come from? Just a bit funky...Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ70
  16. NookShneer

    SOLD  83 FJ60 Power Steering Box. Seattle, WA

    *Early 60 bolt pattern (square shape)* Bought another steering box which I had re-built by West Texas Off road. This I believe was original to the car and has a slow leak in the steering input shaft. Ideally would be used for a re-build/re-seal. $175 plus the ride. Think that these can fit in...
  17. Josie'sLandCruiser

    SOLD  Norcold 12V frig $150 Seattle

    Frig SOLD to a local Seattle Cruiserhead. Thanks, Alan -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, Selling a 20 (?) year old Norcold brand 12V refrigerator for $150.00 OBO It works, keeps food and drinks cold. Frig located in Seattle. Please "PM" me if...
  18. Rainy Day FZJ

    For Sale  2008 Sequoia SR5 4.7l 4x4 Seattle area

    Toyota Sequoia, with the 4.7l v8. Automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive. Seats 8, 3rd row is electric flat folding. Can put 3 car seats across the middle row, rear DVD player. Tan leather with heated seats. Multi zone heat and A/C with rear heat and A/C. Back up camera in rear view mirror...
  19. J

    For Sale  Free top Seattle not mine

  20. John E Davies

    My wrecked modified LX450 is going to be auctioned near Seattle

    Interested in an extremely well equipped low miles Series 80 for repair or parts? Actually I am hoping somebody will fix it and sell it back to my son who is desperate for a replacement. He wrecked my truck over the New Years holiday and the insurance company has totaled it out. Here is the...
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