rock sliders

  1. TXBruiser

    SOLD  SOLD: DFW Texas: 80 series Slee Sliders

    SOLD!!!! Set of 80 series Slee Sliders. Lots of pics, there is some rust. No hardware, it's best to get new anyways Local pickup only. I may be able to meet if your in. the north texas area
  2. Dutchman82

    For Sale  80 series rock sliders for sale

    I have a set of 80 series rocky road outfitter sliders for sale. Had them on my 1996 fzj80, bought them about 7 years ago. They fit nice and tight, but opted to go the metal tech route, they are local for me and I wanted a bigger kick out. They retail for $639, I am looking for $300. They are...
  3. john thompson

    Are there rock sliders compatible with AHC?

    Does anyone know of rock sliders that will fit on my 2007 LC that has automatic height control? The closest I can find are made by Slee, but they specifically state will not fit on vehicles with AHC. Thanjs
  4. phi1osopher

    Photos of White Knuckle rock slider install on my '99 LC

    My White Knuckle rock sliders arrived in today's mail. It took me less than 30 minutes to unbox and install them. They arrived quickly and packaged well via FedEx. Installing them was actually enjoyable: they're a perfect fit with genuinely solid construction, great looking welds, and the...
  5. hoon77


    Im selling a pair of unpainted, hand made all steel rock sliders designed for an 60 series Land Cruiser. Dimensions of the step area are 87.25" by 8.5". Can be modded to fit other rigs. Parts are located in Portland, Oregon. Local pick up only please $350
  6. DPA200

    200 favorite Rock Sliders

    Looking for a vote on the best sliders for the 200 series. I know there are quite a few threads on this over the years but being that I'm currently in the market to finally ditch my running boards...i thought id make a new updated thread with a Poll. Let me know if i'm missing any good...
  7. Green80Series

    White Knuckle Offroad Rock Slider Install

    Here's a little video my friend and I made installing some White Knuckle Offroad rock sliders on my 80 series. Let me know what ya think!
  8. blkpngn

    Your Favorite Rock Sliders for your FJ

    After a weekend out in Red Rock Canyon State Park I have been thoroughly convinced I should purchase some good rock sliders for the FJ. Any suggestions?
  9. xlx

    Wanted  2013 FJ Cruiser OEM Rock Rails wanted

    Hello, Looking for a pair of OEM rock rails for a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser. I'm located in Columbus, OH. Thanks.
  10. 4

    Wanted  Recommendations on rock sliders

    I have been looking around for a decent set of rock sliders. Looks like they are mostly Aprox 1000+... Any recommendations on ones that may be good but cheeper than that?
  11. Taco2Cruiser

    BudBuilt 200 Series Skid Plates, Sliders, High Clearance Rear Bumper

    These are not a one off project for me, these will be available as bolt on from BudBuilt. That's right, change your oil and filter without removing the armor. Also notice how the alignment cams are protected. Damaged those on my first trip. First off, these are still in development, but...
  12. JS24

    Recommendation Needed: Where to get rock sliders welded on?

    I picked up a pair of trail gear rock sliders and need to get them welded on (with gussets and scab plates added). Any recommendations on where to go to get this done? Welding is still on the list of skills I want to pick up. Thanks! -John
  13. Torben

    Savannah, Georgia

    I am a Toyota Land Cruiser owner from Denmark, who is going to be in the Savannah Area for a month this fall, as a part of a Army Exercise I am participating in. While I am there I want to see if I can find some US parts for my own project that I am working on . I am currently rebuild a Toyota...
  14. 000000000048

    Built on rock slider question.

    Hey everyone, just in the look for some rock sliders for my fj60. I know there's bolt on and weld on types. The weld on are obviously stronger but I don't really like to weld anything into or on my frame which is why I may consider the bolt on. My only concern with the bolt on sliders is the...
  15. 000000000048

    Looking for Fj60 rock sliders in bay area

    Was wondering if anyone knew of someone in the Bay Area that makes costum Rock sliders and bumpers. Just trying to find a good metal fabricator in the Bay Area (CA). Thanks, Steven
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