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  1. 4Cruisers

    Wanted No Longer Needed - FJ60 Grommets for Fuel Supply and Return Line Pair

    I should have known, but discovered that the FJ60 fuel supply and return lines are the same diameter, so the grommets won't work for installing the fuel lines from my FJ62, which are two different diameters. So I decided to clean up my FJ62 clamps and use those, which have like-new grommets...
  2. J

    80 Series Petrol/LPG, bubbles in return line to tank

    Love my 80 Series. Recently it has been occasionally stalling when on petrol. Sometimes get the check engine light on petrol(possibly due to misfiring). Sometimes it clears by itself . Can start the car cold and drive a kilometer before it stalls at the top corner. Once warm it stutters a bit on...
  3. pjohnson

    Fuel return line question

    What is the size of the compression nut on the fuel return line for a 76 carb? And where can I get one? Is there another solution? I have been running a blocked off fuel return line and want to put it back to stock. Thanks, Phil
  4. 7

    2H front heater hose fix

    So the previous owner or one of them on my 2H engine had replaced the short heater hose at the front of the engine (which i believe is the coolant return from the heat system) with a regular piece of hose. However this hose must curve in a short distance and always had a partial kink in it that...
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