1. M

    Blower motor relay location

    I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for the location of the blower relay. I have replaced the blower motor resistor, but now only the hi and low speeds work. Speeds 1, 2 and 3 are all low speed and then I have high. I'm thinking there is another resistor or blower relay...
  2. G

    1HZ glow resistor burn out

    Hi there, I am new to Toyota and acutally dont have a Landcruiser. My current toy is a 1993 Toyota Coaster, which at that time was manufactured with a 1HZ engine without turbo and a 24 volt system. I hope there a some people here who have experience with this engine. My current problem is the...
  3. Catfish28

    Blower motor resistor repair

    the rubber or whatever it is coating on my blower resister is cracked and some of it is missing. Pic attached. Was working in both speed when I took it off. Should I wrap it in electric or harness tape or just leave it alone? Thanks.
  4. Wes

    For Sale (TX) NIB 24V Blower Motor Resistor

    I have a NIB Denso blower motor resistor for a 24V Cruiser. Toyota part number 87138-60150. $60 plus shipping. It may take a couple of days for me to ship it, so you'll have to be patient.
  5. D

    Would A Load Resistor Solve This LED Issue?

    Greetings from a new member. I'm hoping you folks can diagnose a problem for me. I have read the info on using a load resistor to eliminate hyper flashing of LED tail lights in cases where a dual filament bulb (e.g. 1157) is replaced with an equivalent LED. However, I have a different LED...
  6. Bardiya

    Need Help with Part Number 89456-30010

    Quite a while ago I stumbled across a sensor hanging by the wire in my engine bay, after a quick search on the web I realised it was a Door position sensor so i unplugged it and stored it in the car for a while so i'd have one less thing dangling in my engine bay . Today I decided to research...
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