1. just differentials

    Why Re-Gear? What's the big dealio?

    Why Do We Regear Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, & SUV's? Watch the video as we explain some of the mystery & give you an inside look at the theory behind why this modification is so important if your vehicle is sporting aftermarket equipment. *** Be Sure To Like & Subscribe! *** The most important...
  2. DanMedeiros

    Viscous Coupler confusion

    With @Shoredreamer leading the charge we are working on regearing a used Tase rebuilt with under-drive gears and new lower low-range gears. We were working on buttoning up the case tonight and realized that the VC of the donor case was fried. With the center diff unlocked the front and rear...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Complete Rear E Locked Axle with Nitro 4.88 gears

    SoCal This is complete with wiring harness, brakes and all. Ready to bolt in. Full Float from a 1996. The wiring harness is a simplified harness built by the for easy installation into a non locker FJ80. (The axle is out of Mud member "Zapata"'s awesome FJ80). Price is $1,000...
  4. just differentials

    Do you own a JEEP?

    Many of you on IH8MUD wheel or daily drive a JEEP - So this is for YOU! NITRO Gear Packages: Jeep Cherokee XJ: Jeep Grand Cherokee WK & XK: Jeep...
  5. JBHorne

    Nitro 4.88 Gears Review

    Hi all! In September I had Nitro 4.88 gears installed in my 2008 200-series after debating this mod's necessity for nearly nine years. The tl;dr version: I should have done this MUCH sooner. The difference is night and day. Before I begin I'd like to thank Carl (@justdifferentials) with JT's...
  6. agryphon

    4.56 or 4.88 on 35s

    I just bought a '93 LC with 35 BFG AT tires and will be doing a OME 2.5'' lift soon, thinking of regearing to either 4.56 or 4.88. I do a lot of highway driving but will be doing some offroad as well. How will this affect performance particularly MPG?
  7. hammerheadfistpunch

    Dark gear oil - regear

    So I have had nothing but trouble with my regear (Nitro 4.56). I had it done about 2 years ago and it had lash and noise. I had the front redone and when they got in there they noticed it was setup all wrong, with wrong carrier bearings and the gear was overheated. The new shop took a long...
  8. Zdeech

    Leaking rear diff 1,350 miles after regear - install issue related?

    I had my truck re-geared to 4.56 in late August last year. I followed the break-in procedure for the first 500 miles, and everything has been fine (happy with the ratio with my 3FE on 33"'s driving around +5k feet). Anyhow, I was crawling around under rear of the truck doing a test fit on a new...
  9. imhighlander

    SSTs needs for regearing?

    Hey gang, My pinion seal finally crapped out completely so I'm using the opportunity to regear as I service both the diffs. In reviewing the FSM I saw a pantload of SSTs listed for the removal and installation of various bits. How many of these are absolutely essential and how many can be...
  10. Iceaxe

    Rear Actuator Not Working Post-Regear

    Hey guys, Example #5,436 of why you try NOT to use your name brand mechanic for work on your cruiser. The culprit this time: 4WheelParts. Took my rig in to regear it to 4.88, they quoted me a 1-2 day work duration. Wound up hanging onto my rig for 10 days... where they told me they installed...
  11. Iceaxe

    Advise Re: Regear and Front Diff Leak

    Hey guys, My front diff is leaking oil and mount replacement is needed. I'm scheduled next week to have 4.88 gears installed. If I recall correctly (???), the front differential is not touched to regear the 80. So, I probably need to deal with the front differential separately from the...
  12. TLink FJ60

    Help determine my HJ61 gearing and advise on re-gear options

    I bought my 1989 HJ61 (12H-T/H55F) about a year ago thinking it would have 3.73 or 4.11 gearing. I get on trails occasionally, but mainly I'm driving to backcountry camping destinations. So I want highway cruising to be reasonable on fuel mileage and engine wear. I noticed right away it revs...
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