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  1. F

    Sagging 40 rear endstill looking for a name

    hi folks, fairly new here , been lurking for a while and finally jumped in with both feet and purchased my first road worthy (well almost) fj40. 1975 fj40 front disk conversion power steering 350 v8 ( want to go back to F2 one day) still looking for a name but right now saggy suits . bought...
  2. arcteryx

    Finally got a rear end with a DIY NWTI Rear Bumper

    I have no affiliation with these guys After searching a long time for a rear bumper that did not require cutting off the rear cross member, I finally have one. I wanted to keep my OEM tow hitch and this allows me to do so. This thing is super stout. I have the rear swing out in the shop, but I...
  3. Blasst

    How do you determine rear end axle ratio in 200's

    is the axle or differential cover stamped anywhere with the original rear end ratio....or what ?? Thinking in terms of years 2008 to present day 200 series? Obviously someone could change their gearing. Just wondering how it is marked from the factory. Thanks gang...
  4. Al Grain

    Rear Suspension Question: Does a lift result in an offset rear axle?

    We've been replacing rear-end components damaged by a former owner to get the truck straight and level. After replacing a bent trailing arm and a leaking KDSS cylinder ($$$) the alignment tech noticed the rear axle is offset 1" to the side. Factory spec allows for 1/2" with stock...
  5. SimplyTanner

    Typical 4Runner rear sag!

    Hey guys, my '93 runner has finally hit bottom, literally. I planned on replacing the coils with stock length springs and use airbags to help out. Now I'm leaning towards 2" lift coils and possibly still bags later on. Anyone have a brand preference? I'm sure there are many threads on this...
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