1. B

    How rare is the Amazon Green color?

    Does anyone know production numbers?
  2. c2dfj45

    craigslist  Weird "rare" FJ 40 posting....

    Ran across this ad in CL....kind of weird. None of it makes sense. Seller can't backup any of the claims. RARE 1970 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. ALL books. All documented
  3. jbma327

    For Sale  SoCal: RARE! FJ80 JAOS bull bar Mint!

    Hey guys, I have a hard to find discontinued JAOS bull bar brush guard for an 80 series. It is currently installed on my 97' land cruiser. The bull bar is in perfect condition, no rust (stainless steel) or damage. Could use a little cleaning. FOG LIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED! Located: South El...
  4. W

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4runner, EFI, Straight Axel, Automatic - RARE

    1985 Toyota 4runner 22re EFI STRAIGHT AXLE AUTOMATIC Low miles ARIZONA truck Yes, this is the unicorn of 4runners AC WORKS, NO LEAKS I have driven my 4runner to Texas a few times. I have a Landcruiser now. I don't need 2 SUV's. Someone who understands why this 4runner is unicorn will bid on it...
  5. 65swb45

    For Sale  Rare OE early dizzy boot, CA

    Like it's FJ60 big brother, but designed for the 78-80 small-cap electronic dizzies. Only seen a couple of these guys out there. Dirty, but has no tears and all snaps work. Stored indoors for the last 25 years. $115 shipped . No PMs please.
  6. LandoCalruiser

    For Sale  Rare 2001 80 Series

    2001 Toyota land cruiser Lol, not mine of course. Not sure what's going on with this seller but truck looks kinda interesting.
  7. S

    1997 Land Cruiser Anniversary Editions Explained....

    Several have asked me to provide these numbers, so I'm sharing with the entire 80 community. Here are the actual sales numbers and an in-depth breakdown for 40th Anniversary and Collector Edition Land Cruisers. · Toyota Sold a total of 14,981 of the 1997 model year Land Cruisers. ·...
  8. mattressking

    YDJ Auctions - Rare and Cool 60 Parts

    So coming from JDM cars and constantly searching for rare bits in Japan, I decided to jump back onto Yahoo Auctions Japan to see if there was anything cool for 60's...My initial search was not totally fruitful, but when looking for wheels, I did find some sweet stuff. YAJ has Buyee so we can...
  9. 1

    For Sale  1988 Toyota Hilux Surf Import $15,500

    I have decided to sell my 1988 Toyota Hilux surf 2.4L Diesel which was imported from Japan. (Right hand drive & Manual). 87,000 miles on her (140,000 KM) and all work has been performed by ACC Toyota in Atlanta. Manual transmission. Title in hand and vehicle is registered here in Atlanta...
  10. Sam Stewart

    For Sale  1985 4Runner - All Stock - Atlanta, GA

    I bought this project a while back from one of my techs. It's an all stock 85 4Runner. This truck is not in perfect condition and has some miles. It's a great base to build on or restore. I replaced all of the brakes when I bought it. New pads and shoes, master cylinder and wheel cylinders...
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