rack and pinion

  1. K

    SOLD  SLC, UT. 100 series rack and pinion for 1999. OEM, new 400.00

    Bought this for a full front end refresh almost 5 years ago, new in open box. No longer own vehicle Will include 2 outer imparts brand outers I have. Located in salt lake city, ut. Eight o 1 440 five nine 91.
  2. CruiseLanderAZ

    Steering rack - what else to fix "while you're in there"?

    Well, at just over 180k my steering rack is starting to leak pretty heavily. I'm going to do the lift-engine method and replace it. Anything else I should consider checking/replacing "while I'm in there"? Plan: New OEM steering rack OEM steering rack bushing 555 Outer tie rods
  3. yamoto78

    Power Steering Issue

    Quick question for you all. I own a '99 LX470 that recently had the rack and pinion replaced. I brought it home and about 2 days later the power steering pump went out. Before replacing the pump I had the shop clean the filter (which was filthy and full of debris) and flush the system, but there...
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