For Sale 100 series: Brand New in box Rack & Pinion assembly from Detroit Axle (NE Ohio) (1 Viewer)

Sep 9, 2012
Bought this right before covid hit with the plan of putting it on my 100 series land cruiser but plans have changed 6mo later.

I did some digging and a few threads on this forum recommended Detroit Axel as a solid manufacturer which is why I bought it. It's brand new in the box - the box has never been opened...still has the plastic zip ties around the box.

Link to exact item:
Amazon product
Open to a reasonable offer to someone who needs it as it's past the return date to Amazon. It's a pretty decent size box and heavy...not sure how much shipping would be but happy to try to find out for you. Located in Cleveland OH. I can get a picture if requested (of the box and/or receipt with my name on a piece of paper or something to verify ownership).

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