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  1. umsizi

    PTO Winch Pillow Block and Bearing Needed

    I have the entire PTO winch, drive shaft and gear. Sadly, the Pillow block was damaged by the previous owner. I have a spare pillow block shaft and want to rebuild with a new/working pillow block. The needed pillow block connects below the radiator on its own bracket. Anyone out there have a...
  2. A

    Wanted  Tucson Az - PTO winch

    Does anyone have a PTO winch for an FJ40 to sell. Cheers
  3. Luis Moniz

    Wanted  U-joint PTO and Winch

    Looking for U-joint that connects between the winch shaft on the PTO U-joint that connects to the winch It's for a FJ / BJ 40
  4. D

    FJ PTO Winch - Impossible Question - brass color gear wheel "blueprint"

    I ignored my wife's threats to divorce me if I continue throwing money into my 1978 FJ40, and bought an old PTO winch. It is missing the floor shifter lever, but everything else seems to be there. I took it to the shop of a guy that restores classics (in Bolivia, South-america), and he is...
  5. TLC PTO Winch

    TLC PTO Winch

    I bought this PTO winch for my 1978 FJ40, it is being rebuilt and restored
  6. PTO Winch - Brass colored gear 3

    PTO Winch - Brass colored gear 3

    Brass colored gear - worn, need replacement
  7. PTO Winch - Brass colored gear 2

    PTO Winch - Brass colored gear 2

    Brass colored gear - worn, need replacement
  8. PTO TLC Winch disassembled

    PTO TLC Winch disassembled

    I bought an old PTO Winch for my FJ40 and took it apart for rebuilt and restoration
  9. 4WDMan

    PTO Winch and 4WD Operation

    I have a 1970 FJ40 with 3 speed on the column. I have attached a picture showing 3 items. I am trying to figure out how to engage the 4wd and how to work the winch. Could someone enlighten me on both and the correct sequence?
  10. alohafj55

    For Sale  Hawaii: RARE TEQ Factory PTO Transfer case for FJ55 (Came off a 1979) EASY SHIPPING

    I have a RARE Factory Dual Direction PTO Transfer case for FJ55. In GREAT condition ready to bolt on to complete your restoration. See Pics. Easy to Ship. These are soo difficult to find. Verify Bolt patten to make sure it will fit your vehicle. Asking $700 obo (knuckle attached not included)
  11. Matthew Deweese


    Can u bolt up A PTO factory winch to any fj40 maybe a stupid question. I have a PTO winch on a 79 fj40 and wanted to see if it could be used on early model fj40 thanks for taking the time if u know the answer
  12. sigorama

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 PTO

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Power Take Off for transfer case. Removed from a 1970 FJ-40. In good condition. $425 Email me at
  13. 4wdds

    For Sale  1982 BJ42 LHD 24v 3B Diesel w/ Warn 8274 (MI/USA)

    It is time for the next curator for a couple of Land Cruisers. For sale is a 3B diesel 1982 BJ42 left hand drive and a 1966 FJ40 plow truck w/ pto winch. I would like to sell them as a package deal but will separate if need be. I will also list this in the FJ40 section. The '82 BJ42 is a...
  14. WindRiverCruiser

    For Sale  SD33T Turbo Diesel Stock

    $4000 I have a completely rebuilt top to bottom diesel motor for sale. It is coupled to a fully rebuilt five speed transmission and T case. Transmission has two PTO Control boxes mounted to it. I also have two Nissan period correct PTO winches to go with it. All parts were sourced from Japan...
  15. S

    Wanted  BJ40/BJ42 PTO

    I would like to exchange my restored BJ40 PTO for BJ42 PTO (or buy one).Europe
  16. Rustic76

    SOLD  OEM PTO winch setup. Portland,OR

    Sale Pending.....Decided to sell the PTO winch off of one of my cruisers. This is a setup for a 40 series and includes everything pictured (minus the FJ45 it's mounted too). I am missing the one yoke/socket that connects the driveshaft to the PTO gearbox, it may be floating around my garage...
  17. viamicruiser

    For Sale  1965 FJ40L with PTO winch

    Very Rare and original Land Cruiser 1965, has original F Toyota 6 cylinder engine, the chassis is very solid and rust free, transmission and engine are very strong, also have a PTO winch very rare and strong. This is a excellent truck for a restoration project for some one to have a very...
  18. Wes

    Wanted  PTO Winch Shifter Brackets

    Looking for brackets 36804 and 36827 pictured below. Part numbers 36804-60010 and 36827-60020.
  19. Indygbd

    craigslist  PTO Winch Driveshaft

    Not my listing. I saw a listing for a complete PTO winch driveshaft. Knowing how difficult these are to find I thought I would pass the link along. $350.00 Toyota land cruiser pto drive shaft
  20. S

    For Sale  PTO winch

    Came with my 1970 FJ when I bought it. Previous owner said it worked great but took it off for the power steering. Comes with parts that are pictured next to it. I can ship it Fastenal (had good experiences), buyer pays shipping. Weatherford, TX. $600 More pics available if needed.
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