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    Best Power Steering Pump for an 80 with 35's?

    Will Toyota OEM power steering pump handle 35's and last when wheeling and deep snow, etc? I see all sorts of alternatives mentioned in the forums. I just want to replace it and know it will last. Blew out a rebuilt NAPA in like 6 months. New OEM, rebuilt OEM, what do you guys running 35's...
  2. F

    PS pump bracket mod for air pump protection.

    Has anyone welded some sheet metal or something underneath the PS pump bracket to prevent ATF fluid from ruining the smog pump if/when the PS pump goes ? I don't have any PS or smog pump issues yet with my stock 1983 FJ60. However, in reading several threads concerning smog pump and PS pump...
  3. LBridges

    PS Pump noise

    I have some power steering pump noise that I don't understand. The noise is louder than normal if the wheels are straight ahead; vehicle parked, or in drive/reverse while going straight. Pump gets a lot quieter (about like I remember "normal") when the steering wheel is turned off center...
  4. MDarius

    3fe PS pump pulley bearing is wobbling

    Can I rebuild the PS pump, or do I need to just replace it?
  5. MDarius

    Wanted  PS pump for a 92 LC

    Looks like my Power Steering pulley bearing is going out. Does anybody have what I need?
  6. Charles4x4

    4Runner PS Pump / Gearbox Leak?

    This is the final final issue I've found on my new-to-me 4runner. Looks a leak at the gearbox or pump. Think it is worth repairing given I plan to do a SAS or will it make it a few months with just adding fluid every few weeks/months? Thanks!
  7. B

    Saginaw PS Pump Troubleshooting Help

    Wanted to start a new thread as I'm not sure if the old Saginaw thread is getting a lot of views. Finally!!!! Saginaw PS pump conversion kit for FJ60s!!!!! So a little back story decided to replace my PS pump and put in the Saginaw conversion. Install went smoothly no issues however on the...
  8. Scrootinizer

    New member possible FZJ80 purchase - PS pump questions

    Hey everyone, New member and my first post, I've been researching and looking for a FZJ80 for a several months now and there just happens to be a 40th anniversary edition at a local oil change and inspection shop (literally 1/4 mile from my house). The truck is what I'm looking for as a DD -...
  9. oldschool4wheeling

    Builds  1979 FJ40 Old School Overhaul

    Hello everyone, here is my story and my 40's story. I saw my first FJ40 in 2012, and absolutely fell in LOVE with it. I know, I know where had I been, living under a rock some where?? Well needless to say after a relentless search I found my baby. An unmolested well slightly molested 1979...
  10. Lou the fj60

    saginaw ps pump on fj60

    recently my smog pump seized because of a leaking ps pump, ive head of people converting them to saginaw pumps. can i use the original brackets or do i need new ones?( where do i get them) what did you get it for ive heard that the volvo 240 works good but i dont know what year or how to hook it...
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