power steering leak

  1. J

    Need help with FJ62 steering gear box

    Hey new guy here. I bought a 89 fj62 278k miles. I have replaced the air meter and did a tune up and replaced all the window motors and switches and it has been a great truck. On Saturday I noticed my truck got the deathwobbles real bad and when I parked it at the house the steering gearbox...
  2. joey.w

    94FZJ power steering cooler line install.

    First Id like to say thanks to all for helping me secure these parts!! I have 2 questions. One is can I install the cooler line shaped like a "paper clip" that runs under the radiator with out removing the radiator or anything els? Question 2- If I have to remove the Radiator and or the front...
  3. TheAshenWolf

    Power Steering Leak - Pump or Hoses the Source?

    My 1999 has 263k miles. A few months ago, I saw some VERY slight leaking of power steering fluid and figured it was coming from the steering rack. At the recommendation of @2001LC I used a bit of AT-205 and the leak remained very minor. Two weeks ago, we took the truck on a 1500 mile trip...
  4. K

    Strange Power Steering Pump leak

    Hey guys, so I recently replaced my power steering pump and it was fine for a while, but now is leaking like crazy out of a mystery hole. I'm trying to figure out what it is and what is missing. Hope someone can let me know what it is. THE PICTURE is taken from the bottom looking up and I'm...
  5. HDJdreams

    Bulk hose sizes/types for underhood?

    I am replacing my brake booster, I tracked down the 11/32” brake booster vacuum hose online, about to order. While I was at it, I was wondering what other hose sizes/types to get and how much as I will be dealing with basically all the hoses under the hood. Here’s what’s on the menu...
  6. F

    PS pump bracket mod for air pump protection.

    Has anyone welded some sheet metal or something underneath the PS pump bracket to prevent ATF fluid from ruining the smog pump if/when the PS pump goes ? I don't have any PS or smog pump issues yet with my stock 1983 FJ60. However, in reading several threads concerning smog pump and PS pump...
  7. Aravind Dileepan

    2H high speed power steering line

    Does anyone know if the 2H shares the high speed power steering line with any other engines? There's a guy selling parts from his 62, I'll get his power steering components if they'll cross over. I don't currently know what engine he has. Thanks. Ara D.
  8. J

    Power Steering Pump/Hose replacement

    I don't post much, by I often come on here to read up on how to do something. This site always delivers. Right now, my power steering pump and hose are both leaking and need to be replaced. One shop quoted about $600 parts and labor but I have next week off and want to do it myself. I'm fairly...
  9. mitch7391

    Power steering leak

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me diagnose a power steering leak..? Have done a fair bit of research into it, but for the life of me can't pin point the leak... It seems to be at the front and back end of the power steering box, possibly leaking seals? Not sure whether to try fix...
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