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May 9, 2013
Rocky Mountains
I am replacing my brake booster, I tracked down the 11/32” brake booster vacuum hose online, about to order.

While I was at it, I was wondering what other hose sizes/types to get and how much as I will be dealing with basically all the hoses under the hood.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

Fuel/vacuum/emissions hoses - sizes?
(BOTH my FZJ80s have chech engine lights, one is P0401, the other I don’t know yet and it’s going swapped with a rebuilt 1FZ from a 3rd 80)

Power steering hoses?
(transmission cooler line for every thing except high pressure line? Sizes?). One FZJ80’s power steering has failed, pull the cap off and its a geyser of nasty brown foamy sludge. The other one will get PM.
Jan 5, 2017
Charlotte, NC & Alexandria, VA
Why not buy OEM replacements? They're not that expensive, and they, unlike non-OEM replacements, have been shown to last at last 20 years.

The fuel lines are a combination of hardline and hose, most of which are under the truck. Most of them are 6-mm; I haven't measured every one. The two hardlines connecting the fuel pump and the fuel filter (under the intake manifold) have banjo fittings on them.

The vacuum lines are 4-mm. You need about 6.5-ft for the entire engine. You can buy a bulk length from Mr. T, in several precut lengths. The shortest and longest are the best value, from a cost per mm perspective. You need one of each to replace all in the engine bay.

The power steering lines are 10-mm and 16-mm for the low pressure lines. The are two, only one of which is available as a replacement hose. The 16-mm is a gravity drain line from the center of the reservoir. The two 10-mm lines are on opposite ends of the paperclip cooler, and aren't available separately. The gearbox end has a flare connector on it, but the reservoir end is a simple hose. The pressure hose from teh pump to the gearbox is available form Mr. T, and I wouldn't put any other on my truck, but that's just me.

A Ø1/4-in fuel line will fit on the fuel tubing. A Ø5/8-in power steering fluid rated hose will fit the reservoir, but a Ø3/8-in hose is a very tight fit on the paperclip cooler tubing, and that tubing is thinwalled.

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