Need help with FJ62 steering gear box (1 Viewer)

Aug 15, 2018
Odessa Tx
Hey new guy here. I bought a 89 fj62 278k miles. I have replaced the air meter and did a tune up and replaced all the window motors and switches and it has been a great truck. On Saturday I noticed my truck got the deathwobbles real bad and when I parked it at the house the steering gearbox looks like it blew a seal out. I have watched a few youtube videos on tearing down power steering gear boxes and replacing the seals it seems like one of those things if you know the proper steps you can diy. So does anyone know where I can find tear down instructions for the FJ62 steering gearbox? Is it that much different than any others? Does not have to be a video. I know that West Texas offroad will rebuild it or I can buy a used one for a few hundred dollars but I am trying to buy a seal kit for $40 and rebuild it and get it back on the road.

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