Toyota 44410-60510 Tube Assy, Pressure Feed

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May 30, 2013
Hello all,
Back to reading posts in the forum again. I will do a complete search here, but I recently had this part replaced because of increasing steering difficulty due to a leak. Everything was great for a couple days, then a leak started again yesterday and the answer the mechanic gave to the service writer today was that a sensor that normally comes torqued to factory settings, was not actually at factory settings. And supposedly this sensor is on this assembly??

My question (since I can not find a really good photo of this assembly), where is this sensor located?

Could they be talking about the breather that is at the pump end?
That is probably what they are talking about, the PN 17630-16040? Not sure why mechanic would call it a sensor.....and based on a search of the whole assembly, that part looks like it comes with it.
It does appear to come with it. I just replaced the pressure line tonight, but I ordered mine from Rock Auto and it did not come with the breather.

It is kind of a sensor. It sends a vacuum pressure "signal" to the intake manifold to increase the RPM, but it is not an electrical signal...

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