power steering conversion

  1. Rod Blunk

    Looking for someone near Annapolis to help in a powersteering modification to 1973 FJ40

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can help or do it all with installing a power steering modification to a 1973 FJ40. It has the original F engine in it. I believe the kits require welding and I am not the person for that. If you can, please call or text me at 202 679 4165 or email...
  2. Vegemitedundee

    Power steering kit

    Hi guys ,looking for power steering conversion kit for my 71 fj40. Was thinking little truck kit or else. Mounting 33 at the moment but might go bigger in future. Any websites or sellers ? Based in W.A. Autotecnica steering column fitted. Thanks
  3. Eric Kirchner

    For Sale  1976 FJ40

    Selling my 76 FJ. Here is the link to the Craigslist Ad. Feel free to DM me with any questions. 1976 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser
  4. GadgetPhreak

    Help identifying which power steering setup I have..

    I've recently picked up my 3rd 40, 1st one with power steering.. I need help identifying which system was installed. I don't think it's a Saginaw box, but there's definitely a custom bracket on the frame so I don't think it's an OEM system that's been retrofitted.. Here's a few photos, any...
  5. Not A CJ

    Power steering conversion help

    i worked with @orangefj45 at Valley Hybrid to get almost everything I need to convert my 1978 FJ40 to mini truck setup. I got the power steering box out of a 83 4 runner as well. My question is does anyone have pictures of a completed install using the Rare Parts RP69224 power steering pump...
  6. BigDeesFj40

    Saginaw power steering conversion pump

    Trying to find a good part number to replace my power steering pump. Its the standard chevy pump?
  7. L

    Wanted  Fj40 ps pedestal

    i am looking for a fj40 after market pedestal for a mini truck power steering box to fit on my 1979 fj40 Thanks
  8. Not A CJ

    Power steering Kit for 78 FJ40

    Has anyone installed this kit? Power Steering Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 for Mini Truck Box - JTOutfitters I know there is some issues with that particular vendor but I am willing to take a chance if the kit is worth it.
  9. F

    Lost in MUD, help.

    Hi, I'm not having much luck navigating round this site. What I have found has been incredibly helpful. Can anyone help me out. I've got a bj74 power steering box, linkages, & column & want to retrofit it into my 1978 fj45. Is there a link to show if anyone has done it to make this easier or any...
  10. Shagger1

    So I brought a FJ45..Without the misses permission..

    I have always wanted one, and everyone seems to have good stories of growing up doing some crazy missions in these old girls-so I wanted one to enjoy too! The ute will be useful, and slowly building it up will be a learning process, and my form of "therapy".
  11. Jdc1

    Builds  Removing SBC conversion, going back to Toyota. 1972 Frame Off

    I just picked up this 1972 40 from WV. Took a chance and it turned out pretty clean. Going to be removing the SBC and going back to stock F engine. I have a running engine sitting in my 73 that needs a complete frame off that I will borrow as this will be quicker to put on the road. Tonight...
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