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  1. B

    Seat track sticking out - any advice?

    Anyone else have the black track/slider (not sure what it's called) stick out from their rear of their front seats? Any fixes? The seat is still fully functional and moves under power but I can't get the black track to slide back under the cushion area (without applying so much force that it...
  2. A

    Another power seat issue...

    Hello. Been a long time lurker - thank you for all the helpful information! I recently did the gear swap on the passenger side seat to replace the shredded seat track gear (according to instructions I found here!). Went to plug it all back together and nothing! The motor was working prior - it...
  3. 97 FZJ80

    For Sale  Power Seat - Plastic Screw drive Guide/Holder

    I'm not sure if this applies to other models, but the the 80 series power seats needed some plastic parts replaced when they wear out. This is the plastic parts that holds the rear of the screw shaft
  4. rc51kid

    cant find power seat plug

    Posted in wrong area
  5. uncool

    Driver power seat goes foreward but not back

    Apparently my search foo skills are weak but found a few threads but not much. I took the seat out, the side with the motor works fine. The other side doesnt move. The cap is missing on this side and the shaft pushes in and turns when I hold it with my finger but the screw drive doesnt move. I...
  6. S

    Replacing Power Seat Switch

    I have a bad power seat switch. What's the most efficient way to replace the power seat switch? I found some instructions for replacing foam cushions but I was hoping it wasn't as involved.
  7. ginericLC

    For Sale  80 power seat switches

    $58 each shipped in the U.S. DS is SOLD.
  8. rollingstone

    80 series power seat rails

    Anyone willing to help me take these rails apart. I have a donor set, rollers in mine all messed up, I can't see how to get slider and rollers out or apart so I can fix mine pics are of donor rail, works perfect
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