1. R

    Stolen > Blue FJ62 (1989)

    Hey IH8MUD, First time poster here, but I have really enjoyed reading these forums the last 5 years. This desperate post is a bit of a hail mary--I just found out today that my LC was stolen. And I'm pretty gutted. I had been parking/storing my 1989 FJ62 at my work's private garage in...
  2. R

    For Sale  WTB: GX460 (may consider GX470) PNW/West coast <$30K

    Hi all I've got a couple of vehicles in mind, but I'm narrowing down to a GX460. Ideal candidate: <$30K PNW or West coast (for ease of pick up/shipping) - may consider outside regions if it makes sense < or = 100K Rear air suspension (either the premium package or luxury model on the later...
  3. Adventurefixn

    For Sale  Sandpoint, ID:PNW: Triple Locked 1995 FZJ80

    Location: Sandpoint Idaho Price:$21,000 Miles: 251,100 miles. -Lockers work great, I have cycled them on and off at regular intervals to keep them active. -Most of the maintenance has been done by yours truly. -Last Fall I had the entire front axle gone thru and all parts replaced as needed, to...
  4. Coxxy

    Builds  Refurbishing a 1985 HJ75 Trakka Bushman

    Well, I have owned this 1985 HJ75 for just about a year and have started the process of building it into a functional, durable, and liveable vehicle. Before dropping the cash on the build-out, I wanted a thorough understanding of the vehicle dynamics and my interaction with it, thus, the...
  5. PDXLX

    For Sale  Portland Oregon, 2000 Land Cruiser

    2000 River Rock Green Mica It has been meticulously maintained, recently cleaned up, dialed in and has a clean title/history. Lots of recent maintenance done including: Deep cleaned inside and out with over 30 hours of professional detailing done (238,310) New 285/75r16 BFG KO2s (238,293) Hood...
  6. ntdb

    Builds  Treebeard

    After months of researching and seeing/driving 60s in the PNW I finally pulled the trigger. Treebeard is a February 1984 FJ60 that I bought for $3,000 with 292,000 miles on the clock. Before I found the truck it sat under a tree in Olympia for three years. I'm a noob wrencher so this thread...
  7. Willis

    Builds  A Trakka Troopy Revival

    I've been dreaming far too long about getting a 70 series. I finally decided to stop wishing and sold all my projects I didn't truly love for one that I really did. After @6070toyetero texted me(by accident he claims) about a Trakka converted Troopy he had found, I made moves to sell my FJ62...
  8. dubyahard

    An amateur's trailer build...

    Introduction Purchased a '97 FZJ80 in October 2015. We wheeled, camped, explored, hauled, and have been generally enjoying the PNW since we moved here in July 2015. The 80 has served it's utility purposes admirably and it's upgrades have served it well. I don't have a build thread but you can...
  9. lndshark

    New PNW GX'er

    Howdy All. I've lurked here for well over a year and am now happy to report that I just recently acquired a 2004 GX (finally!). I have been looking for a new project for some time now, having been out of the wheeling scene since about 2003 when I sold my SAS 1986 Toyota short-bed truck (owned...
  10. Red Merle

    Question about the PNW market and feasibility of an idea.

    I am planning making my triumphant return to the Pacific Northwest this summer and I am toying with the idea of picking up another Land Cruiser and driving it home. I am torn between two ideas. I already have a nice 80. I have sunk enough money into quality repairs and maintenance, along with...
  11. OregonB

    Wanted  used sliders for 100, PNW

    Ideally the Slee step sliders or Metaltech, for 05 LX, AHC. Scratched fine, not beaten.
  12. Fireguy615

    craigslist  No affiliation, PNW 2003 with a good price on it?

    Came across this while bumping around. Price looks OK on it?? 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4
  13. ghostriders

    Wanted  FJ40 Tub in the PNW

    Hey all. Looking for a line on a good tub in the good ole Pacific North West. I am in the Olympia area. Going on a 76 frame. PM me or send me a text, 931-206-7479. Dan
  14. OregonB

    Wanted  Looking for LC in PNW

    Pref. '03-'09 (to function as both DD + 6 wks a year of hunting/ranch work) to do mild expedition build. Reasonable history and diligent care by "MUD standards" is key for me. Hoping under 175k. Exterior can be scuffy and even modestly dinged, oem bumpers will be coming off anyway. Interior...
  15. 4xsteve

    SOLD  1985 FJ60

    Stock driveline: 2F, 4spd, 4.10's. Rear has a LockRite and front is open but there's a LockRite included to go in if desired. Home-fabbed spring-over (not my handy work) with nearly new 35" General Grabbers. New (not factory) front seats but they need to be lowered some. Exterior below windows...
  16. James Warner

    Wanted  Early(ish) Front Bench Seats and Rear Jump Seats (1967)

    Hello Fellow Mudders, My recently acquired project is lack the factory front seats (non-headrest version). I'm looking for at the minimum decent frames of which I can restore. I'm located in the Seattle area but would be happy to travel for the right seats (and other parts?); I can bring my own...
  17. FJP971

    PNW FJ80 Meet and Greet and Trail Run???

    There are a lot of 80s in this region and we're likely a lot of like-minded people (camping, hiking, 4x4ing, etc). It would be nice to meet some people, share mod ideas for our trucks, and hit a moderate trail or two. If people are interested in camping we could probably incorporate that too...
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