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    Parting Out  Phoenix: FJ60 part out

    I bought this 60 with the intention of restoring it however the frame is shot and with all the costs I’m better off just buying one. I literally have the entire car in my garage stripped down. I bought the wagon pretty cheap so I’m hoping just to recover what I can. Not trying to get rich off...
  2. CaptainAussum

    SOLD  Alberta, CAN: LX450 or Land Cruiser Lower Tailgate

    I opened a can of worms doing some repairs on my truck and desperately need a lower tailgate (in good shape) for my 1997 LX450. I'm not concerned with colour or if its from a cladding-less Land Cruiser. I am in Calgary, but willing to pick up anywhere south of Edmonton, or Vancouver, or Prince...
  3. Nathos

    Parting Out  Charleston SC, All reasonable offers accepted

    Make a reasonable offer so I can get my garage back.
  4. sigorama

    Parting Out  1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, Runs and Drives

    Located in Monument, Colorado The Sigfrids boys are parting out this 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-60. Was originally dune beige but then rattle canned black. Test drive video below. Comment below or email us at to request pricing and availability on parts. See 400+...
  5. CUSailor

    1979 FJ-40 +0.50 mm (+0.02") piston heads + rings for sale/trade

    I don't know if this is the right place to post or not, but thanks to some poor calibration for my bore gauge on my part, I ordered oversized pistons from SOR, turns out I just needed new standard ones. These have been installed on the connecting rods and were on sale at SOR so I can't send...
  6. sigorama

    For Sale  Where's Waldo Land Cruiser Parts Sale

    We've been parting out various Cruisers including... 1963 FJ40 1973 FJ40 1982 FJ60 1983 FJ60 1986 FJ60 1988 FJ62 ...and have tons of other misc FJ45, FJ55, FJ70 and other random Toyota parts. We've gone around and taken photos of our shelves, piles, stacks, bins, and parts Cruisers. It's a...
  7. karlsz

    Parting Out  90 FJ62 Complete Truck (Washington DC)

    UPDATE-3.20.2019 Below is a list of everything I have left (Stuff is highlighted in Bold and large font, I literally have nothing other than what is in this list)... some good stuff here folks! Will probably be posting this in the parts section as well. I have photos of all this stuff. -All...
  8. sigorama

    Parting Out  1986 FJ60, Dune Beige

    Parting out a 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Dune Beige exterior Brown interior Door cards are excellent Interior seats in good shape Good center console Lots of great interior parts 100+ photos here:
  9. sigorama

    Parting Out  1982, 1984, and 1985 FJ60

    I am parting out three FJ-60s. Have a variety of parts, large and small. I can email pics and pricing. My email is Parts include: Cluster / speedo / gauges Body parts roof cuts Rocker panels Lift gate Tail gate Windows Brown factory bucket seats Brown factory bench...
  10. Bmasterfink

    For Sale  FJ62 Dash Pad Grey

    Fits 8/87-1/90. Came out of my '89 It has 3 cracks on the left side (pictured) otherwise very clean -see attached pics $175 or fair offer Willing to ship for a flat $45 anywhere in the lower 48. Thx Barry
  11. sigorama

    Parting Out  1982 FJ60, Tan Exterior, Brown Interior, 148k

    Parting out a 1982 FJ60 with only 148k miles. I've never turned the motor on this FJ over, but the previous owner said it had an engine knock. Pretty low miles on everything else including the t-case and transmission. View 200+ High res photos Please email me for parts availability and pricing...
  12. K

    Wanted  Wanted

    Hard top for 68 fj40
  13. Carlos Ortegon

    For Sale  NOS door and windshield auction

    Hello Friends, I found two NOS parts in a friend's warehouse, it's a 64-74 windshield frame and a passenger door this is the link for the two auctions NEW Windshield frame 1965/74 fj 40 & 45 Series | eBay NEW NOS passenger door 1959/74 fj 25 40 & 45 Series | eBay
  14. R

    Parting Out  (VA) 78 FJ-40 Parts

    Here is What I have Left of a 78 FJ-40. Make a reasonable offer on what you see if you are interested. I will Ship at your expense. Larger items i Prefer local pick up or i can deliver within a 150 miles from Chesapeake VA. I will accept reasonable offers below the posted accumulative price for...
  15. K

    Getting parts abroad for 2014 4Runner

    Hi all! I rear-ended a pickup truck with higher clearance than my 2014 4Runner in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia the other month. 4Runners are not sold in Africa and my garage doing the repairs cannot find replacement parts. Part of the problem is exorbitant import duties in Ethiopia. So one solution...
  16. djzimms

    Parting Out  1992 Landcruiser / 1997 lx450 shell

    Here's an updated price list of most of what is left out of the 3 vehicles (1992 Land Cruiser, 1996 Land Cruiser, 1996 LX450): 1992 Land Cruiser: · Upper Rear Hatch (Complete): $200 · Lower Rear Hatch: $150 · Shell: $400 · Front Diff/Axle (No Birfs/knuckles)...
  17. sigorama

    Parting Out  1983 FJ60, White Exterior, Brown Interior

    Fresh part out on a 1983 FJ60. Motor blown. 310k miles but plenty of good parts to pick from. Harder to find brown interior parts. Located in Monument, Colorado. View high res pics of most of the truck here 1983 FJ60 Parts Car - White - Google Drive Please PM me what you're looking for and...
  18. D

    FJ40 parts vendors? not

    Hi Everyone, I bought my first FJ40 ('72) and have been rebuilding the drive train. Anyone know of a good vendor to get parts from? I had used cruiser parts .net and in my opinion have received poor customer service. I'm looking for someone who is a little better at delivering on their...
  19. LittleRedWgon

    For Sale  85 FJ60 2F parts in Phoenix, AZ

    Hello Mudders... I have a few parts that I am selling off.... Take a look and if there is something you are interested in let me know and I'll post a photo of it. To many items to post all image. I would rather the parts go to a MUD member than sell em on ebay. Here is the list--85 FJ60 parts...
  20. C

    Parting Out  1997 LX450 Black - 1995 - 1997 Land Cruiser Parts

    Have the following parts for sale in the north Texas area. Most are from 1997 Lexus LX450 or 1995 - 1997 Land Cruiser. Offering big discounts to get parts to those who need them before moving. - Front and Rear Axles - All doors and windows - Passenger side rear quarter panel -...
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