oxygen sensor

  1. Ronald44

    O2 sensor (what to buy?)

    Hey guys. Help me please. My TLC80 have 2 o2 sensors (94 year) I replaced 1 (original toyota, very expensive) So need to replace second o2 sensor. What WORKING analog can I buy? just bought denso early and it didn't work (resistance is not correct, need 5-6ohm denso was 10-11ohm its for model...
  2. djzimms

    For Sale  Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor LX450/Land Cruiser - Brand New, Still in Box

    Fits after the catalytic converter on 1996-97 80 series. Also fits similar year (95-00) Tacoma/4Runner/T100. Brand new, still in box. Model Number: ARBT960907 Craigslist: O2 Sensor Oxygen Sensor ARBT960907 | eBay $55 Shipped OBO
  3. O

    oxygen sensor "extender" for LC100 - rear sensor for bank one

    I ordered these from Amazon: Amazon.com: Universal O2 Sensor Spacer Adapter Isolator (Pack of 2): Automotive and my mechanic said that I need one with a flange for 04 Landcruiser rear O2 sensor. Was anybody able to find one with a flange which would fit rear O2 sensor for bank 1?
  4. I

    HELP 02 Sensor Replacement

    Hi Everyone, Need to replace both up and downstream 02 sensors on my 1996 stock land cruiser. Anyone have any thoughts, threads or comments I need to be aware of before I begin? Im handy but new to trying to fix my LC. I've purchased a 22mm offset puller and an 11inch breaker bar...
  5. AnarchyNgine

    Oxygen Sensor :/

    Hi fellas. Been having trouble with my '93 fzj80. Got a really strong fuel smell coming from the exhaust so I figured I'd check all of the sensors. They are all okay, except for the o2 sensor, which holds around .35 volts on the sensor wire, and doesn't fluctuate as it should. Previously I'd...
  6. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Hi there mudders all around the world! For quite some time now I've been watching you from the shadow, and I've finally decided to present my own Land Cruiser with my learning’s from it. Just as a small introduction, I like old cars, no-matter how stupidly they were built. For some years I've...

    power loss until ~2000rpm / how does one remove the 02 sensors

    So two weeks and less than 100mi ago I ran through a 6"-8" puddle a couple times and since then my cruiser has lost power, 1st feels like 4th unless I turn on the ETC. Once the vehicle is warm it does pretty well ETC or not. I've checked the air box and it's bone dry. Next steps are to check...
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