1. T

    GX470 Interior Spare Tire Mount

    This is just to share information with the community, and say thanks to Orion. I wanted to relocate the spare to the interior to make room for an auxiliary fuel tank. So, I shamelessly copied a design by Orion (found here) Builds - '05 GX470 "build"... Mine was put together by Chinchilla Iron...
  2. Godfather90

    Builds  Mike's 1978 FJ40 Turbo Diesel Refit Project and Cross Country Road Trip!

    Hello All, This Thread will contain two parts, one being the overview of the truck i just put together, and the other outlining my drive from New York back to California. Here's the Trip I have planned that starts next Friday (8/3/18) and continues (Hopefully) until 8/20/18: Its going to be...
  3. R

    Wanted  3 speed transfer case needed. (Colorado)

    I need a 3sp transfer case for a build i am doing. I am located in Colorado. I also need a FJ40 rear axle.... Thanks, Ben
  4. Bripars40

    For Sale  [AR] Orion Transfer Case

    I have an Orion 4:1 transfer case with an Advance Adapters adapter to a NP435. I do not know the mileage on the transfer case but it shifts well and is amazing to use on the trail. It's a 10 spline unit. I'm asking $1,600 shipped
  5. jstncse

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 w/ OM617 diesel, Marlin Toybox and Orion

    SOLD Purchased in the winter of 2010 as a beat up project with a Chevrolet 250 straight 6 with a single barrel carburetor and a 20 year old paint job that buried rust in the quarter panels I loaded it up and headed home. Originally planned as a mild wheeler and the platform to teach my...
  6. BulletHead

    For Sale  93 FZJ80 Rebuilt 1FZ-FE Orion 4:1 / 6-spd manual Tacoma RA60 Transmission / Locked axles - Boston

    Selling because I currently have bigger fish to fry, motivated. Tons of pics in the build thread links below. It doesn't come with the 37s pictured, it has some 15" Tacoma rims with snow tires on it currently. No winch but has the mounting plate on the frame already. It was a CT vehicle...
  7. BulletHead

    For Sale  delete

  8. reddingcruiser

    For Sale  Orion 4:1 Transfer Case w/700R4 Adapter

    LOOKS LIKE I'LL BE KEEPING THE T-CASE FOR THIS WHEELIN' SEASON. THE ADAPTER AND MOUNT WILL BE POSTED SEPARATELY. Orion 4:1 Transfer Case with Downey 700R4 Adapter and accessories. This unit has less than 4,000 miles on it. I prefer to sell this as a complete unit rather than piece it out...
  9. Caribou

    How do I install new FJ40 Quarterpanel replacements?

    I've been searching the forums trying to find steps for installing my new quarterpanels but haven't found anything other than what CCOT has on their site. I'm a visual guy and would like to see pics and steps if anyone could link me to some. I bought my panels from BTB products very happy. If...
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