o2 sensor

  1. P

    3rd gen acceleration problem

    I'm stuck and need help please!!! (bold/underlined is the problem) I have a 2002 4runner limited 4x4. Things I've done "mechanically": - new engine (same 5vz-fe) 8 months ago - cold air intake 4 months ago - flowmaster super 40 - new catalytic converters 2 years ago My check engine light has...
  2. vegansbane

    Not-quite-RTH: Good downstream O2 sensor readings? '96 FZJ80

    I'm having a heck of a time troubleshooting an issue keeping my 96 FZJ80 from passing smog, and I'm hoping the braintrust on Mud can help me out with some diagnostic data. Does anyone have a graph showing good downstream O2 sensor data (at temp), preferably both idle and up in the 2k+ rpm...
  3. O

    Code 28 issues

    My 94 cruiser was intermittently throwing code 28 for a heated o2sensor for cylinders 4-6. I would usually pull the EFI fuse and the code would clear for a while but I eventually decided to replace the o2sensor. I ordered the NTK part #244044 which is supposably the OE sensor for the 93-94's...
  4. BLC

    Replaced Bank 1 sensor 1 O2 heater but CEL still on.

    Hi all, Backstory: I recently purchased a 2000 with ~200k mileage here in New England. Windshield leaks (getting replaced this week, bad install), CEL on and throwing P0135 (Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2) But other than that, minimal rust on frame and beautiful body (was garaged most it's life) I...
  5. 9

    Smog delete?

    I have a 1994 FZJ80 with the 1fz-fe. Looking in to a smog delete including egr, o2 sensor, etc. Cats are already removed. What all would I need to do these mods? Possible issues I could run in to? Related threads? How difficult would this be for the average guy?
  6. Chachi254

    Upstream o2 Sensor Issues - Intermittent P0135 error still present after replacing sensor

    Hey Mudders, I've searched quite a bit for similar posts to my issue, but I cant seem to find anything that helps explain what I'm experiencing. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or has had a similar issue they were able to fix. The P0135 error is intermittent and can...
  7. morganism

    2001 Corolla stalling, hesitation

    Just gonna post this up here, so maybe i can find it again later. This is a software problem, a firmware update could fix, but they will not roll it out. This throws O2 sensor codes, and then cyl codes as vehicle starts to misfire. Simple fix is to disconnect both O2 sensors in front of cat...
  8. Ronald44

    O2 sensor (what to buy?)

    Hey guys. Help me please. My TLC80 have 2 o2 sensors (94 year) I replaced 1 (original toyota, very expensive) So need to replace second o2 sensor. What WORKING analog can I buy? just bought denso early and it didn't work (resistance is not correct, need 5-6ohm denso was 10-11ohm its for model...
  9. Honor

    Cleaning O2 Sensors

    I just replaced three O2 sensors on my 99 LC with 164k miles. The other was replaced at 121k. Since these weren't malfunctioning when I replaced them I thought to keep one of each for spares. I found a website that says to clean these just soak the sensor part, not electrical contacts, in a cup...
  10. djzimms

    For Sale  Oxygen Sensor O2 Sensor LX450/Land Cruiser - Brand New, Still in Box

    Fits after the catalytic converter on 1996-97 80 series. Also fits similar year (95-00) Tacoma/4Runner/T100. Brand new, still in box. Model Number: ARBT960907 Craigslist: O2 Sensor Oxygen Sensor ARBT960907 | eBay $55 Shipped OBO
  11. F

    Misfire 2UZ @3000rpm Fix

    Yesterday, one of our 100s suffered a misfire at 3000, wouldn't pull above that and ran slightly rough once falling back to idle. Did air/fuel filters, throttle body, air flow sensor etc. No joy. Seems an impact dislodged the LH O2 Sensor lume and it suffered heat damage on the Cat pipe. As a...
  12. yellowhouse

    Less power after new exhaust..?

    First off, this is my first post but ‘Mud has been a massive resource for me these last few months. In the last year I acquired a 92 FJ80 and since I’ve slowly been building him (“Lando”) up. So far: water pump, belts, hoses, power steering pump/pulley, PCV/grommet, tires/wheels (Duratrac...
  13. W

    O2 sensor sim question

    Anyone have experience with this product. Toyota Land Cruiser O2 Sensor Eliminator MAGNUM EZ CEL FIX Oxygen Sensor Simulator
  14. A

    85' 4-runner O2 Sensor NLA?

    I am looking to replace an O2 sensor for an 85' 22R-E 4-runner. Are these still available through Toyota?
  15. Red Merle

    O2 Sensor options.

    I tried doing a search and most of them on this topic are really old. I have a '94 that needs a new No.2 O2 sensor. I just got back from my dealer that quoted me almost $300 for one, even at their wholesale pricing. I am normally a big fan of OEM, but that is just too much for my wallet at the...
  16. TN FJ 80 Guy

    Hello, new amigos! First post and first question!

    Good evening fine folks at Ih8mud! I'm new to the offroad and LC scene, after being introduced to the joys of offroading last summer. I knew this hobby was my next one. Fast forward 8 months and I'm the proud new owner of a 1991 beige/cedarwood FJ80. 270k miles and a bit of rust, but she is a...
  17. lechnito

    Custom exhaust. Are my o2 sensors in the right place?

    The PO of my rig had someone weld up a custom stainless steel exhaust setup. Does it look like the o2 sensors are in the correct locations?
  18. 2KCruiser

    FZJ80 & LX450 Code PO420 CEL O2 Sensor Extension Check Engine Eliminator

    Thought I would post here to see if there is any interest in these. Mounts on the secondary O2 sensor. Asking $45 shipped anywhere in the US.
  19. ariff

    Help with O2 Sensor wiring

    So now that we have the LC running I checked the check engine light and got an error code 28 No.2 oxygen sensor/heater signal fault. I went to go look and see if there was anything obvious wrong and low and behold I found this.. Looks like someone or something has cut\chewed through the O2...
  20. Beej

    Ideas on how to attach O2 sensor to new exhaust pipe?

    Hey folks, My 97 fzj80 is at an indy exhaust shop today getting the over-the-frame exhaust job done. I went with the Magnaflow 23120 cat and a magnaflow muffler; going to see if I can reuse the tailpipe for now. Anyhow, the cat has one slot for the oem O2 sensor but, since I'm going down to 1...
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