1. Hors3wN0N4m3

    New to ih8mud

    Hi, I have a 97 Land Cruiser that I am slowly fixing. I love the vehicle and am prepared to take as long as I need to to make it perfect. Only limitation is $$$.
  2. H

    19 Years old, never worked on a car before and got a HJ61... Looking for general guidance/resources

    Hello dear Landcruiser enthusiasts! I'm 19 years old and just got to learning how to drive. My father has bestowed upon me this beautiful beast of a machine that he also uses for hes day to day activities on our property and getting around the area. A HJ61LG-MXW! Now as the title suggests I'd...
  3. costadds

    New Owner, Love the Black HE

    Hey everyone. First time LC owner here - purchased the 2020 HE and love it so far. Wife & I are expecting our first child and decided she needed something super reliable and safe. Didn’t think I’d love it so much. YouTube and these forums have been awesome so far. Decided to order some Slee...
  4. usedname

    Newbie impressions and newbie questions

    In my first week of LX470 ownership, never had a car this tall or bulky before. Just as a reminder I bought this at 220k miles for $6700 from the first owner, it has always been in the Bay Area. PPI was fine, no rust and mechanically sound. The interior was pretty dirty, but nothing a detail...
  5. mmorgan24

    Intro: 2013 in MS. Both feet in overlanding mode .... heading out West next week.

    Purchased this LC200 in Albany NY from the Yoda dealer's wife - a CPO with about 50k miles on it in Oct 2016. I did nothing except replace the tires with some 285/65/18 LTX A/T2 Michelin's - until a few weeks ago. Now ARB drawers, barrier and sides, ARB 47L Fridge, FrontRunner SL2, FR 2M...
  6. yotadude520

    How to get a Miller Thunderbolt 225 up and running?

    Hey guys! For my 23rd birthday my dad gave me my grandfather's old welder. It's an old school Miller Thunderbolt 225 A/C only stick welder. I've done some research online and found out that it's a pretty good machine and I'd like to learn how to weld on it. I've done some welding in the past...
  7. Comochris

    Newbie trying to put in my time to become official

    1996 fzj 80 stock I named her after a bruiser of an aunt I had long ago. LC pronounced many different ways. Up for suggestions. I look forward to my slow build and future trails and friends
  8. Mandrew

    Carb issue after reinstalling (California type)

    *edit* I forgot to mention that this is a 1985 FJ60 I just recently cleaned out my carb thanks to the wonderful videos by Pinhead on YouTube. My truck was not passing smog, and after a mechanic refused to work on my carb until I took care of any potential vacuum issues, I am low on funds for...
  9. MexicanNewby

    1962 FJ40 Questions (Wheels, shocks, tires)

    So I am COMPLETELY new to the FJ40 scene. I live n Mexico City and found an old 1963 FJ40 in Guadalajara, it had been sitting for 20+ years (photos as found here FJ40 1965). The good news: It started up! The bad news: I have no idea what I'm doing but do know I want to keep it as stock as...
  10. Josh Kleitsch

    New Owner - 2001 LC

    Hey all, I just purchased a 2001 LC with 209,900 on the clock, and am very excited to join the ranks of UJZ100 lovers across the globe. My previous car was a Mustang (2013, V6 Manual, Pony Package) and while I loved that car I drove it so little that it made sense to move on to something I...
  11. FJperson

    1988 FJ62 Valve Job

    Hi all, I am about to purchase a 1988 FJ62 for my first car. I went and looked at the FJ everything is in mint condition besides the engine. It is running off 4 cylinders instead of all six. The FJ got taken to a mechanic who said that the truck needs a valve job. Two of the cylinders are at 40...
  12. missbarilov

    First foray into 80-series land - first time buyer (of any used car!) - help welcome

    Hi guys! Not ever a truck owner, but a outdoor and adventure enthusiast. As a pilot and airplane owner, somewhat mechanically minded. Always wanted a Toyota SUV, was previously obsessed with 3rd gen 4runners but have now seen the light and want to pull the trigger on an 80series, preferably...
  13. J

    Failed Emissions on 95 FZJ80: NOx

    Hi all, I've been lurking around here for a while. Back in September I picked up a 95 FZJ80 in CO Springs (150K on the OD, but a OD discrepancy on the title), and have been slowly working on it to turn it into a camper for a road trip. So far I've really only removed the interior and sound...
  14. Frkens

    What is this part?

    Hey mudders, I took over my FJ62 with a bunch of spareparts, but I'm a noob and know nothing about Landcruisers just yet. I've been going through the FSM to find everyone of them, but haven't had luck with it all yet. Hope some of you will help me on some of these parts. I'll post pictures and...
  15. G

    Electric Fuel Pump - Mistake?

    I just purchased my first land cruiser, an 85 fj60, three days ago. Stock everything. BUT, the PO installed an electric fuel pump (incorrectly) and my first trip with the truck was to a mechanic who fixed the install. My question is whether I have already screwed up the truck by having an...
  16. O

    Is this too much Rust??

    Found a 2000 cruiser on the east coast with low miles (100K), but have concerns about rust on the rear axle of this handy. Being from the Oklahoma most of our vehicles are rust free. See attached pics and thanks for any advice. Oakmont
  17. New2UZJ100

    Found one! So excited, 2000 LX470 in great shape...

    1st MOD, Clean K&N filter 2nd MOD, RR Cabin filters (Damn they were nasty)
  18. M

    Brand new, so don't scream at me...

    if I'm in the wrong place. My name is Mark, screen name is toterola. I have been lurking and filing away ideas from the forum for a while now, and I finally took the plunge last weekend and bought an old '73 FJ-40 rust bucket. I am going to build everything myself that I can. I've owned a '69...
  19. New2UZJ100

    Finally, I am making the switch!

    Just sold my JKU (aka Wrangler) and will start seriously looking for a 100 series. I cannot wait to get one home and get to building. I have been lurking around the site for 9 months but finally signed up 10 minutes ago. We (my boys and I) cannot wait to meet some of you soon. We are in...
  20. brhydock

    Parking/E-brake issues

    Hi, new FJ-60 owner and ultra newbie diy mechanic. Having some issues with my e-brake, basically when I pull the lever, nothing happens. Tried to do some research online for this issue but have so far been unsuccessful and I need this thing to pass inspection. Has anyone had this issue before...
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