1. cloverland

    SOLD  100 Series Cruiser Front Mudflaps / Splash Guards

    . Pair of front mudflaps for 100 series Land Cruiser (not LX) PN 76621-60070 + 76622-60060 Left and Right – Unused, just removed from wrap for photo $50 USD for the pair + $20 shipping
  2. J

    For Sale  FJ80 flares, rear bumper corners and flaps - LI, NY

    I removed plastic from my 96 FZJ80 and have it to sell. Flares (some tab damage so name your price), rear bumper corners also some small dings (name a price), rear mud flaps ($50). Looking for a home before they hit the recycle bin. See picture and send me a PM if interested.
  3. jpsfj60

    Wanted  FJ80 Rear Fender Flares/ Rear mudflaps

    I am looking for a set of good not cracked rear fender flares that the mudflaps screw into. They need to be not cracked and the back of them where the plastic mounting piece goes has to be not cracked also. Also looking for a good set of rear mudflaps that go with these rear fender...
  4. drew151

    Wanted  MUDFLAP. . . rear drivers side. . . FJ60/FJ62

    I've found a set of 3. . . missing 1. I need a rear drivers side mudflap for my 1988 FJ62. Please PM me!
  5. B

    Which Rear Mudflaps will work on my 96?

    Hi everyone. I'm the owner of a new-to-me 1996 Land Cruiser, which I am trying to piece back together. Some things were missing or broken, and one that I am a bit confused on is the correct part number for the rear mudguards. In various searches, I have come across a few different part numbers...
  6. Deftoned40

    For Sale  (WI)fzj80 front oem mudflaps off flared

    Off a non-running board , flared 80. Getting pretty hard to find. 80 shipped...PayPal Hardware mounting hole is oversized so you just need a washer on that spot.
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Front mudflaps 1993-1997

    SoCal Rubber is in good condition, not cracked or brittle. Passenger side has scratches as shown in picture. both including Priority Mail shipping in USA are $118.45 These are designed to be used WITHOUT running boards.
  8. tag3

    SOLD  FJ60 Front mudflaps

    Pair of mudflaps off of an '85FJ60 with mounting screws. $50 includes shipping to the lower 48.
  9. Bsclly

    Mudflaps from JCWhitney?

    Hey guys, I'm a broke teenager pretty much and I wanted to do some stuff to my '96 Land Cruiser for cheap. I took the running boards off and I'm in love with the style of it, however I didn't realize I needed mud flaps and winter is soon approaching. I can't really afford to pay $90 per flap...
  10. aljollano

    Fj40 mud flaps

    I have 18 pairs of mud flaps for fj40, the paint in some of them is not perfect but can easily be repainted. I'm selling the pair at $80 shipped. A.J
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