1. NyNomad

    Moab Fall Classic

    Come join us for the 3rd Annual Moab Fall Classic gathering!
  2. BHillteq

    Cruisin Hills Adventures

    My wife and I are by no means expert videographers, nor world traveled explorers. But we are inspired by them, and share the same desire to get outside, explore new places, and share our experiences with friends and family. Both of us are Toyota fanboys/girls respectively, having owned Pickups...
  3. DPA200

    Moab in July in a 200

    Heading to Moab for a few days in July and am looking for camping and trail suggestions. I'll be in a lifted 200, 33" KO2's on 17" Rock warriors, BudBuilt sliders, but no other armor. Factory skids and no bumpers or winch. This will be my 1st time off-road in Moab. I have some experience, but...
  4. DPA200

    Events/Trails  Moab in July

    Heading to Moab for a few days in July and am looking for camping and trail suggestions. I'll be in a lifted 200, 33" KO2's on 17" Rock warriors, BudBuilt sliders, but no other armor. Factory skids and no bumpers or winch. This will be my 1st time off-road in Moab. I have some experience, but...
  5. DPA200

    For Sale in Phoneix - Bivouac MOAB Fort XL camping trailer

    I recently was up at Bivouac Camping Trailers in Phoenix inquiring about renting a trailer. Turns out they just stopped doing rentals but they are selling off their 1 rental trailer for a pretty good price. Its a MOAB Fort XL i believe 2015 model with the "package Charlie" options on it. Comes...
  6. PNWLife

    For Sale  83' Toyota FJ60/Daily Driver/Astoria, Oregon

    Not only my favorite Toyota so far, but my favorite vehicle ever. I absolutely love this FJ60 and can't tell you how many looks and compliments I get daily. I bought her 2.5 years ago from a friend I've known for 25 years who manages a well-known, respected auto shop. He put a lot of time and...
  7. jchoop

    First Moab Trip...COMPLETE!

    Just got back from my first trip to Moab and thought id share my experience for anyone who is planning on going for their first time in a cruiser, but might need some reassurance on why you should go. I myself was nervous for several reasons, but everything turned out fine, I had a great time...
  8. RFB

    East coast to West Coast in an 80series

    so my roadtrip is going to take me thru Ma. VT upstate NY Pa. Ohio, idiana Illinois Iowa S. dakota wyoming idaho oregon Cali nevada Utah colorado Im leaving mass. on the 14th and will be in Cali next week looking for someone that may want to run the Rubicon with me or engineers pass or black...
  9. baldilocks

    Moab in October - Who knows the real deal?

    I am planning a trip to Moab on, as of now, a solo mission in early October. I have made no reservations but have been researching a bit. I am one of those people who hates the planning phase so much I would rather just wing it and see what happens. I am interested in chatting here, or...
  10. Nifski

    Cruise Moab and Hotel available

    Life happens and we are not headed up to Cruise Moab so I can see if I can put our CB tickets and change the runs to someone who would like to go and missed the deadline. This event sold out early. I also have reservations Wed through Sat eve at the Bowen if anyone needs a great hotel, want to...
  11. woytovich

    MUDShip  NY Metro to Cruise Moab and back

    I'm going to Cruise Moab from Long Island, NY. I'm pulling my 60 on a trailer. I might be able to carry items that will fit and not impose a serious weight toll. If you need something moved let me know and we can discuss. I have ZERO time to do anything regarding pick-up or delivery. Bring it...
  12. Nifski

    Mudship Request : Anyone headed to cruise moab from Texas or east

    Need small 4x4 trailer picked up around Odessa and dropped in Tucson or Phoenix, will cover gas and beer! Thanks, let me know
  13. Nifski

    2017 Cruise Moab

    Is anyone headed up, would be great to get a group to grab dinner or a beer . We are at the Bowen. Post up if you are going up. Nick and I will be leaving Wednesday early towing the 45, if anyone wants to group up.
  14. BoiseFJ

    Moab to Flagstaff Overland Route to attend Overland Expo West, May 7-11

    Looking for information on an Overland Route from Moab to Flagstaff, AZ. I think it would be a great trip in May and a great way to start the Overland Expo. Please contribute to the thread any information or experiences on a trail that would work for this adventure. I will be attending Cruise...
  15. Iceaxe

    Why Is Cruise Moab Sold Out??

    It doesn't make sense that the committee can't expand the participant list. More money for TLCA, right? Seems like this was a gap in planning.
  16. kelly saad

    Moab trip report

    I followed some Jeeps on the following trails: Golden Spike Gold Bar Hells Revenge (including Hells Gate) Fins & Things Poison Spider Cliffhanger :confused: A couple of these trails were pushing the limits of the 100, at least my 100. Many obstacles i could climb with great traction, while...
  17. Cougar Cruising

    Moab in a stock 79?

    So my buddy really wants to take my 40 wheeling in Moab in April. We've talked about this trip for a long time, but that was before he sold his constantly breaking CJ7 (that thing was such a POS). So my 79 is bone stock except for an OME 2.5" lift and 33x10.5 BFG Mud Terrains I put on last...
  18. Hayes

    Hundys at Cruise Moab 2017

    Who is driving their Hundy at Cruise Moab this year? I'll be attending for the first time in several years--since I sold my 80. Currently registered to run PSM on Friday and Hell's on Saturday, but I'm hoping to be able to swap one of them for a Flat Iron Mesa. Haven't figured out where I'm...
  19. Rzeppa

    Cruise Moab 2017 Registration Is Now SOLD OUT

    EDIT: We are officially SOLD OUT! To everyone who registered, thank you so much and we can't wait to see you and wheel with you! For a couple more day's we'll take registrations for a wait list, then we'll shut it down completely. We normally get some cancellations but the number varies from one...
  20. Rzeppa

    Cruise Moab 2017 Registration Is Now Open

    We finally got the last couple of issues worked through this morning, and we are pleased to announce that registration for the 20th annual Cruise Moab is now open! Cruise Moab - Toyota 4x4 event in Moab, UT 30 days after registration opens, registration will increase from $175 to $199. This...
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