1. NGA60

    SOLD  FJ60 or FJ62 Rear view mirror

    Used Interior rear view mirror for FJ62, or FJ60. Works good, but has some discoloration on mirror.
  2. Spino

    Replacement side mirror recommendations?

    Both of the side mirrors on my ‘84 FJ60 broke off. I did a little searching and found these on EBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/283730297208 Any other recommendations before I order these? I don’t love the fact that they’re cheap reproductions but I also don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars...
  3. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  70-series Manual Mirror Black Housing OEM (Right)

    I have a used Right side OEM Black housing manual mirror for a 70-series. This will fit any model/year. Asking $60 shipped in the continental U.S. Thanks, -Alberto
  4. B

    ISO/WTB: '07-'09 Mirror Switch Bezel

    Edit - Ended up finding one on Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market
  5. offroadvegan

    Stupid question about stupid mirrors

    Well, literally on the SAME day both side mirrors failed, for different reason. (1993 FZJ80) Driver's side mirror bottom screw fell out on the road. Apparently it was the only one still in there, as the glass came out too. Does ANYONE know what the spec is for a replacement screw? All other...
  6. masperk

    Wanted  FJ62 black manual side mirrors OEM

    Looking for a set of black manual OEM FJ62 side mirrors for my 60 ship to 40222 pm if you have some thanks
  7. X

    For Sale  FZJ80 Side View Mirror Right Red

    Decent shape, some obvious fading and a few light scratches, and electrical working condition. Has been stabilized from wobbling with zip tie trick/mod internally. $75 + shipping
  8. 60 toy ota

    Wanted  Driver's side mirror (80 series)

    I'm in need of a new mirror housing for 97 LX450 in silver. I'm open to other colors if the price is right. The glass/motor condition doesn't matter, I just need to replace my floppy hinge. Shipped to 84014. Thanks, Drew
  9. Volcanic Iceberg

    For Sale  Fj40 mirror arms with round heads

    I have a couple of door hinge mounted mirror arms with round heads. They have not been restored but are in usable condition. A little bit of surface rust on the back side of the heads. $75 shipped.
  10. platypusREX

    Inexpensive Ebay side view mirrors

    Has anyone used or have knowledge of the 20 dollar set of side mirrors on ebay. They look alright and it beats $85. My last Toyota set laster 5 years but started cracking in one year. That is all. Thank you Antoine
  11. BADM

    Power folding mirror problem

    I am an 80 series guy looking at an 08 LX. The folding mirrors are not functioning. It was diagnosed by Lexus dealer as faulty mirrors retractors (duh), but not repaired. Any input on this problem before I decide to purchase? TIA.
  12. Darb

    For Sale  Fj40 door mirrors, hinge mount

    68-76fj40 right and left door mirror assemblies that are hinge mount. These are in excellent shape minus the green paint! $150+shipping
  13. BTUMAN

    Wanted  Early Rear View Mirror

    58-63 Early Mirror needed. Anyone? But if you have the frame only, I can have the mirror cut.
  14. W

    1990 FJ62 Driver sideview power mirror

    Does anyone know where I can find a driver sideview POWER mirror for my 1990 FJ62? Some douchebag smashed mine and I'm having a bitch of a time finding a new one. TIA.
  15. Strand4x4

    For Sale  80 Series Passenger Side Mirror Rh

    Seems like it is in nice condition. Has the chrome cover but you can replace that with your color if you have one. Other parts are sold. However, I do have a very nice set of 3rd Row Gray Seats for 100 Series in Florida and 100 Series Stock Wheels 2002 1996 FZJ 80 Oak Parts by Strand4x4...
  16. S

    Side Mirror Casing Spinning Free

    My entire driver side mirror is suddenly spinning. Not sure if there is a spring in there that keeps it in place but wondering if anyone has had The same issue and had to fix it.
  17. BTUMAN

    SOLD  No longer needed- 100 Series Rear View Mirror- Early model with no electronics- TAN

    FOUND- No longer needed. ..looking for 100 Series Rear View Mirror- Early model with no electronics- TAN. PM me if you have one to depart with. Please and thank you.
  18. shmukster

    For Sale  FJ60 inside mirror dome and cargo lights in PA

    Selling a nice inside rear view mirror, includes the cover and the rubber stabilizer piece that goes between the mirror and the inside of the windshield. Price $20. Have a cargo light and the dome light $20 each. Buyer pays shipping. best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast.net
  19. mattafact

    For Sale  FJ60 Driver's Mirror

    Found it in my box. $25 shipped and paypalled in the US. It's not perfect but it's pretty nice.
  20. mtkreitz

    Mirror Ball Bearing Size

    Does anyone know the size/diameter of the (3) ball bearings that are used in the base of the side view mirrors? Mine came apart while driving and all (3) ball bearings went with it. I want to avoid taking apart my passenger side mirror to find out what size they are. If anyone knows the size...
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