1. Krhee

    SOLD  ATL: 2015 Land Cruiser OEM 4 Wheels & Tire + Lugs + TPMS

    Toyota Land Cruiser 2013 2014 2015 | 4261160A50 OEM Original Alloy Wheel | 5X150 | Michelin 285/60R18 Extra Load $650 Got new TRD BBS Pro's on the cruiser-- looking to offload these. Comes with TPMS and Lugs (and of course center caps). Sorry wheels are a bit dirty (and did a VERY light...
  2. A

    Time sensitive tire Q- 20” KO2s or Michelin Defenders?

    In short- Do KO2s on 20” wheels make any sense? I’m sure this is a super loaded question but I have an existing set of 20” KMC “Slide” wheels that came on my used 2016 LC200. I’m not crazy about their quality long term but they seem fine for now. Thing is- I want KO2s as a one tire quiver for...
  3. G

    For Sale  GX470 Stock 17" Wheels with Michelin Latitude 265/70-17(Nova)

    Wheels have the standard paint peel these get. Tires are 50% or better. Good life left in the tires or a good set of wheels for replacements. Fits most Toyota trucks. Located in Northern Virginia. $150 OBO
  4. M

    For Sale  Four 235 70 15 Michelin Tires, and American Racing Outlaw Wheels Minnesota

    Asking $500 for Wheels with Tires on CL, willing to let go for discount to Mudders- See CL listing: Truck Tires and Wheels - 235/75R15 6 Hole Pattern Located in St Cloud MN/Minneapolis willing to meet midway. Wheels came off of an FJ40, appear to work on FJ60 series. Tires are good tread...
  5. riffman12

    For Sale  4 OEM '97 FZJ80 wheels with Michelin LTX Tires - SF Bay Area

    I have a new set of wheels and tires going on my '97 LC so I thought I'd put out a feeler for the stock wheels and tires. Wheels are in decent shape. One has some mild pitting but they're all round and good usable wheels. Tires are Michelin LTX with about 27k miles on them. Tons of tread...
  6. Malleus

    Michelin LTX M/S2

    I need a tire/wheel guru. Will the 275/55/20 fit on the OEM rims, which are designed for the 285/50/20?
  7. BillZ260

    For Sale  '02 LX 16" Stock Wheels - Set of 5 w/ 3 Good Michelin M/S tires

    Set of 4 Chrome, 1 Silver (spare) wheels 2002 LX470 Wheels with Michelin 265/75/16's. 2 tires are pretty worn, 2 have about 10K miles on them and one is just about brand new, has maybe 2k or so on it. Full set of lug nuts, about 1/2 of them are new. At least one chrome wheel is flaking. The...
  8. G

    For Sale  NEW Michelin LTX A/T 2 - $1300

    *Update, I now have (4) available. Will sell all for $750 for a Mud member. You pay shipping if you cannot pick up in Charleston, SC Hey Guys, I have (5) Michelin LTX A/T 2 285/65r18 E with less than 100 miles on them for sale. I purchased these this weekend and ended up finding a set of 17''...
  9. wxm

    Tire Option

    Does Michelin no longer make tires for our truck (275/70/16)? I know they stop making the stock LTX, so I plan to go with the defender. But it has been more than 6 months, Costco is still not able to order the tires for me. If not Michelin, any other suggestion? It is no longer my daily drive...
  10. Scott_sFZJ80

    Michelin tires and Toyota steelies

    Free to a good home. (Must be a member of this group.) Five 225/75R15 Michelin X Radial and stock Toyota Steel wheels. All are in good shape. I have had them for years and I'm tired of looking at them. I could use the room.
  11. smakee

    For Sale  Michelin LTX AT2 275/70/R18

    I have a set of 4 nearly new Michelin LTX AT2s for sale. Size 275/70/R18. $600 OBO, local pickup preferred or shipped on your dime. I just bought a new to me 2006 4Runner and the PO put oversized tires on it that did not fit correctly. The set has about 4,000 miles on them and are in perfect...
  12. GnarlyKoala

    For Sale  5 Michelin LTX M/S2's 275/65/18

    Hi Mud. Just put on some A/T tires and have no use for my old ones. Finally starting my build :) Up for grabs are 5 Michelin LTX M/S2 275/65/18 with some decent tread left on them. I don't DD my Cruiser, and these tires got me through winter with no problems. There is a bit of sidewall...
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