1. F

    FJ80 Transmission Options

    Hello...Have a 1993 FJ80 in very good shape at 225K miles...but just informed it needs a new transmission. Would be interested in thoughts about: rebuilt vs used and sources for either, reliable shops for this work and possibly restoration in CT/NY/NJ area, estimated costs, any other war...
  2. C

    Fj mechanic Montreal

    moved to CA.QC- Quebec Cruisers
  3. raynyc

    any local mechanics that can adjust the valves on my 89 4runner 3.0

    i have an 89 4runner im restoring and i am having an issue trying to get a mechanic to adjust the valves local to NYC. its currently sitting at a friends house in LI getting some work done. let me know thanks
  4. T

    Southern California Landcruiser mechanics

    Wondering if any one had any recommendations for Land Cruiser shops/mechanics in Southern California/Orange County? I saw a thread somewhere earlier but for some reason I can't find it. Looking for help with an ARB air compressor install and maybe some suspension work. Thanks!
  5. BKSwim75

    Landcruiser Shops in NYC Area

    Anyone know of any great body shops in the NYC area that really have good knowledge on Landcruisers from the late 80's early 90's. I live in Brooklyn and am looking for land cruiser now and would love to find a local shop to develop a relationship with if I need help and can't fix things myself...
  6. samtoddlee

    Suggested Mechanics in PHX for H55f swap

    Hey guys: I know there've been lots of threads on this swap in the last few years on Mud. However, I'm actually looking to see if there's a local shop that specializes in Cruisers that anyone has used for an H55f transmission swap. I have two 60 series an 85 FJ60 and an 89 FJ62 that I'd like...
  7. wardharris


    Our import rigs are a little bit different. This listing is designed to help you find firms that know 70s. Please add your suggestion by posting to this thread and I will add to the state by state listing below. This is a reader supported, shared resource with the OP as recording secretary and...
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