1. Dave61575

    Wanted  Out of Africa. Looking for an FJ40 in Boston... and some advice

    Hi, I must admit this is my first post on any kind of forum so I hope I got it in the right place. I recently moved to Cambridge, MA from Nairobi, Kenya where I'd lived for several years. In the process I had to say goodbye to my Land Rover Defender. A much loved G4 that had been on many...
  2. jatree

    Grants Pass mechanic or shop

    Can anyone recommend an 80-experienced mechanic or shop in Grants Pass? Specialized would be best but I'll settle for anyone who knows their stuff at least somewhat specifically. Thanks
  3. N

    Any Mechanic Recommendations in Colorado (Boulder/Denver area)??

    Hey everybody, I just moved out to Boulder, CO for work from North Carolina, so I obviously do not have local knowledge when it comes to getting my LC serviced, or worked on out here. Would love any advice or suggestions on some local shops, or trustworthy dealerships. Prefer to use a shop...
  4. G

    New to it all looking for a good mechanic in nashville area.

    Just bought my first 91 fj80 and i am stoked. In the first 24 i replaced the belts and idler pulley bearings, fixed the rear passenger window which has been broken for years, the bottom track fell off, tightened the oil filter which was replaced the day i bought it. and tightened the exhaust...
  5. mmw68

    SOLD LandCruiser TRD crew / mechanic shirt

    Cleaning out the office, Nice Blue shirt, XL, and everything on the shirt is embroidered. $25 shipped XL. Paypal friends and family to:
  6. caintrain

    Triad Mechanic

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum, and just bought my first Cruiser in December. I am loving it! I do have some work to do on it. I have the cracked manifold ticking, and I think my alternator needs replacing. (The voltage regulator failed on a recent test, the Diodes passed. I also hear a...
  7. B

    Long Island/Brooklyn Mechanic to Baseline a 100

    Hi All! I've recently acquired a 1999 100 with 204k. I've been doing some light maintenance work (coil packs/plugs, fluids) but am looking for a mechanic in the area to do the alternator, timing belt, water pump and other assorted "baseline" work. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in...
  8. landcrush

    1972 FJ40 Help- New Jersey

    Hey mud Looking for some help or advice as to where to seek help. Have a 1972 FJ40 that's been sitting for years, work being done on it every so often. Currently it runs, drives and stops, however there are some things holding me back from getting it registered. The brake lights work...
  9. tampacruiser95

    Moving to Harrisburg

    Moving to Harrisburg from Tampa in about a month. Anyone know of any good Cruiser mechanics in that area?
  10. dadswithcars

    Shop / mechanic suggestion in Columbus, Georgia

    Hi folks, Wife called saying the 100 was stuck in park-- thanks to ih8mud, we were able to locate this: brake fuse fried by dadswithcars posted Jun 20, 2016 at 10:13 PM 1. Any ideas on how much/what kind of repair is needed here? The car has no brake lights now, and clearly a fuse cannot go...
  11. LouisianaRubicon

    Land Cruiser shops in Kansas City Area

    Anyone know of a reputable land cruiser shop or mechanic in the Kansas City area?
  12. adventuremobile

    ISO Mechanic near Santa Cruz

    I'm on a 6,000 mile trip in the FJ60 and have a few maintenance items I'd like to take care of near Santa Cruz if there is a shop in or around town (or a home shop with one of you guys would be even better). Items to address include: -carb adjustment (was tuned for 9,000 ft and will be mostly...
  13. Z

    Corpus Christi, Texas Mechanic

    Hi Folks, I have followed this forum for years and referenced it quite extensively when I had a 2000 Land Cruiser that I swore I was going to keep for life -- that was until I was ordered to surrender it during a divorce (sad, sad day). Anyways, I am very happy to say that I am picking up a...
  14. jfreidbe

    1981 22R Seattle

    I have a 1981 22R short bed 2WD pickup that I purchased with 70K miles on it. Given its age, I think it sat around a lot. It's a solid truck that starts up and runs, but it would be better with some expert help. It needs a carburetor rebuild, and I suspect a lot of other parts are starting to...
  15. landcrush

    Machine Shop/ Cruiser Mechanic NJ,PA,NY

    Looking for a respected mechanic or a machine shop that is knowledgeable in older LCs, somewhere in the tri-state area. I'm in South Jersey. - Evan
  16. geetarking

    cruiser mechanic in Ottawa to inspect a 100 series

    Looking for a mechanic shop in Ottawa to inspect a 100 series cruiser I've found for sale. I'm in Calgary and would like someone to go through it before I commit to shipping it out here. Would need an out of province inspection for plates, and would hate to find out it needed a bunch of...
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