1. E

    Denver Area Mechanic Recomendation - FJ80 Starting Issue

    Hi Guys, Pretty new to ih8mud but I’m impressed by the community! I picked up a 1991 FJ80 earlier this year and have been working with my mechanic to solve a starting issue it’s been having. Basically, sometimes the truck will crank and crank but not start. I haven’t been able to exactly...
  2. Scott40

    67 and 73 FJ40s in Novato - Help Needed to Prep for Start After Storage

    Dear IH8Mud, I have two FJ40s that have been in storage, while we lived out of the country. I need help with getting these cruisers ready to start up and drive. I am hoping a local 40 guy has the time and inclination to come over and work with my son and me to drain and replace fluids...
  3. spencer2000LC

    Pittsburgh Mechanic - 2000 Landcruiser - Advice Needed

    Looking for some advice from the local Pittsburgh LC Team I have 2000 Landcruiser, 235k miles. Has treated me very well for the past 18 years, but it starting to run a little rough lately. I also have a tricky recurring issue where I will be driving without issue, then it stalls out when I...
  4. L

    Land Cruiser Shop In/Near Brooklyn

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. Just bought an FJ80 in Nevada. I'm bringing it back here to Brooklyn and wanted to know not only a fair, honest and talented mechanic but a place that could install a front bumper and a heavy duty roof rack [for a rooftop tent]. What places do you guys recommend...
  5. Putins4x4

    Mechanic recommendations in C-bus area

    I’d like to have my FJ80 inspected and I don’t know where to go. Anyone has any recommendations?
  6. E

    Good Toyota mechanic in Houston?

    I'm looking for a good Toyota mechanic in Houston to check out a recently purchased '91 Cruiser.
  7. V

    FJ40 shop in Seattle?

    Hey everyone. I just joined the FJ40 community, having just bought a '72! It's my first Landcruiser and I'd like to take it somewhere and have an experienced guy give it a once over. Is there a reputable shop in the Seattle area? I know about TORFAB in Everett but I was hoping for somewhere a...
  8. A

    Looking For A Louisville Mechanic

    I've got a 75 FJ 40 that I need to have some work done but am very cautious on who to send it to. Does anyone have any good reference to a mechanic in the Louisville area? Thanks and I appreciate your help
  9. Connorham

    Denver Mechanic Needed(welding)

    Hey Everyone, I just moved to Denver and need to find a mechanic for my 100. I am in the North Denver area and looking for one who can do some frame welding. I have a broken sway bar link mount. Don't need him to be greatly TLC experienced, just trustworthy. I know Slee is best and close...
  10. Fuentesfranko

    Being efficient with mechanic work

    Hi! My FJ40 has a oil leak and I am told by my mechanic that my 73' FJ40 needs a rear main seal and that the transmission needs to come off. My question is: What are some non-expensive things I can do during this process? As in what gaskets, seals, etc, would be good to replace or what are...
  11. C

    Help! Recommended mechanic/shop in Maryland?

    Can anyone recommend a good (preferably Toyota-specific) mechanic or auto shop in the Baltimore, MD area to look over my 80 series? It's a 20 year old truck, so I am trying to avoid paying dealership prices, hoping to find someone with reasonable labor rates for good work. My LX450 overheated...
  12. C

    New England 100 Series AHC Conversion Mechanic?

    Hi All. Looking for suggestions for a shop for an OME AHC conversion for an 04 LX470. Let me know if you have any experience! Thanks
  13. sigorama

    For Sale  Toyota Mechanic Shirts / Uniforms (like the ones the service techs wear)

    I have some Toyota service tech uniforms for sale. Two size large, short sleeve One size XL, short sleeve Twelve long sleeve (all XL) $45 each shipped. Or do a package deal. You can see more pics here
  14. C

    Fj Mechanic Montreal Area

    I am looking for a mechanic for my 2007 fj. In the Montreal area. My ride is in good shape - there are a few things I need to do. Its at 55k/88k kl I have that going for me. Any referals appreciated. Anglais/français Cheers Robbie
  15. Rob Gilfillan

    New Owner of 1980 FJ40 in need of local mechanic

    Hi Local LC Enthusiasts! I was very excited to find a local FJ club here in Philly. I'm a new owner of a 1980 FJ40 that is in need of some mechanical assistance. I've been able to address most mechanical and minor electrical issues within reason, but I am not expert mechanic by a long shot...
  16. a_traut_man

    Hello and Looking for 100series Mechanic in OKC

    Morning guys. My name is Adam and I just got sent up to Oklahoma City from Austin TX for work (probably here until about May or June of 2018). I drive an '03 with a little bit done to it and hope to get in a couple trail runs and meet some of yall while I'm up here. Like the title says, I am...
  17. B

    Need LC Mechanical shop in Spokane...

    My daughter has run off to Spokane and she took "Mean Green", my beloved FZJ-80 with her. Can anyone recommend a good shop in Spokane to help her keep our "aging" FZJ80 running well? Bill
  18. Fuentesfranko

    Mechanic horror story, so...Mechanic recommendations in British Columbia?

    I purchased a 1973 FJ40 from a Mechanic friend of mine. Unfortunately, he had to move and couldn't give me a 100% working cruiser. I had to take it to a mechanic in Vancouver, Canada and I chose to go to Japanoid. I asked them to fix an air leak, which my mechanic and I believe came from the...
  19. J

    recommendations for independent mechanic in San Francisco Bay Area?

    Hi! I need to have a CV boot replaced and a screeching noise from my rear passenger side wheel (at low speeds) inspected. The previous owner did everything at the Putnam Lexus, and their quotes are through the roof (i.e. $700+ for front 2x CV boot replacements, parts + labor). Anyone in the...
  20. meatloaf

    Prius Mechanic

    Trying to help out a good friend get his 07 Prius fixed. Codes shows to be the coolant flow control valve. Anyone here know of a good but not uber expensive mechanic to swap out the valve? I ordered the part for him already but don't have the time or (Prius knowledge) to do this. Thanks in...
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