1. CookieBird

    Recommendation for Diesel mechanic

    Howdy! I am located in the Bay Area and looking for a Diesel mechanic for my BJ41. Any recommendations please post here. Regards
  2. ClassyJalopy

    Recommendation for a Trusty Mechanic in Madison

    My new (to me) 01' LX needs exhaust headers replaced. I have the replacements at hand but am really struggling to find a decent reliable shop to do the job. Any recommendations in or near Madison will be very mush appreciated.
  3. G

    98 LX470 owner looking for AHC deletion mechanic or shop in LA

    My 98 LX 470 recently hit a 178K and I am seeing the early signs of another major haul for suspension. The front struts are beginning to sweat. If history repeats, the front accumulators will soon go and then the back struts and accumulators will follow. The last time the system went bad was...
  4. 80LC94

    Trusted mechanic Recommendation

    I live in Norfolk Va. looking for a trusted mechanic to install lift kit on my 80 series. Thanks
  5. bwertz

    Looking for trusted mechanic in St. Louis

    Does anyone have a local mechanic they'd recommend for engine work? My check engine light came on in my LX470 and Toyota is saying the cylinder is not repairable, recommending a new engine. I'd like to get a second opinion.
  6. B

    New Fj60 owner

    Recently purchased an 86 fj60. Very excited! I’m located in southern CT and was looking for any fellow fj owners in the area for support, mechanic recommendations, etc.
  7. umman manda

    Recommendations on Diesel Mechanic

    Hey newbie here, sorry if this info is available somewhere already, but looking for recommendations on Diesel mechanics for overall work on my Hj61. I’m based in LA. I’ve hit up most the Landcruiser specialty shops in the area without luck, been in contact with Valley Hybrid, but wanted to see...
  8. J

    Best Land Cruiser Mechanics in North Florida

    Hey guys, Any recommendations for good land cruiser mechanics/shops in North Florida? I've got a 1998 100 series that needs some work with a brand new in the box supercharger ready for install, as well as gears, suspension, bar work, etc. I don't think I can do the diffs myself or the...
  9. K

    LC Mechanics in South Arizona (Sierra Vista, Tuscon area)

    Just moved to AZ from CO and trying to find a solid mechanic who knows Landcruisers well and won't overcharge work. Need to get my 1983 FJ60 outfitted with A/C. Just need someone who knows how to do the job and will do it well. I can provide all the parts. Any info you can share would be...
  10. MTXPrez

    Looking for a good shop in AZ to build a 97 LX450 into a better off-road only truck.

    We got this LX450 new in 1997. It has 75,000 miles on it and now stays at our cabin in Pine AZ full time. Recently I had to go tow home our CanAm X3 and almost did not make it back out of of the canyon where the X3 broke down due to the 4 wheel drive being disconnected. I’m looking for someone...
  11. E

    Denver Area Mechanic Recomendation - FJ80 Starting Issue

    Hi Guys, Pretty new to ih8mud but I’m impressed by the community! I picked up a 1991 FJ80 earlier this year and have been working with my mechanic to solve a starting issue it’s been having. Basically, sometimes the truck will crank and crank but not start. I haven’t been able to exactly...
  12. Scott40

    67 and 73 FJ40s in Novato - Help Needed to Prep for Start After Storage

    Dear IH8Mud, I have two FJ40s that have been in storage, while we lived out of the country. I need help with getting these cruisers ready to start up and drive. I am hoping a local 40 guy has the time and inclination to come over and work with my son and me to drain and replace fluids...
  13. spencer2000LC

    Pittsburgh Mechanic - 2000 Landcruiser - Advice Needed

    Looking for some advice from the local Pittsburgh LC Team I have 2000 Landcruiser, 235k miles. Has treated me very well for the past 18 years, but it starting to run a little rough lately. I also have a tricky recurring issue where I will be driving without issue, then it stalls out when I...
  14. L

    Land Cruiser Shop In/Near Brooklyn

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. Just bought an FJ80 in Nevada. I'm bringing it back here to Brooklyn and wanted to know not only a fair, honest and talented mechanic but a place that could install a front bumper and a heavy duty roof rack [for a rooftop tent]. What places do you guys recommend...
  15. Putins4x4

    Mechanic recommendations in C-bus area

    I’d like to have my FJ80 inspected and I don’t know where to go. Anyone has any recommendations?
  16. E

    Good Toyota mechanic in Houston?

    I'm looking for a good Toyota mechanic in Houston to check out a recently purchased '91 Cruiser.
  17. V

    FJ40 shop in Seattle?

    Hey everyone. I just joined the FJ40 community, having just bought a '72! It's my first Landcruiser and I'd like to take it somewhere and have an experienced guy give it a once over. Is there a reputable shop in the Seattle area? I know about TORFAB in Everett but I was hoping for somewhere a...
  18. A

    Looking For A Louisville Mechanic

    I've got a 75 FJ 40 that I need to have some work done but am very cautious on who to send it to. Does anyone have any good reference to a mechanic in the Louisville area? Thanks and I appreciate your help
  19. Connorham

    Denver Mechanic Needed(welding)

    Hey Everyone, I just moved to Denver and need to find a mechanic for my 100. I am in the North Denver area and looking for one who can do some frame welding. I have a broken sway bar link mount. Don't need him to be greatly TLC experienced, just trustworthy. I know Slee is best and close...
  20. Fuentesfranko

    Being efficient with mechanic work

    Hi! My FJ40 has a oil leak and I am told by my mechanic that my 73' FJ40 needs a rear main seal and that the transmission needs to come off. My question is: What are some non-expensive things I can do during this process? As in what gaskets, seals, etc, would be good to replace or what are...
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