1. luke27617

    For Sale  Raleigh, NC 2020 Land Cruiser

    My work has changed and going forward I'll be remote so unfortunately my LC is and will be getting little use, so I am thinking about selling it. I would welcome anyone interested in my LC to PM with any questions and/or interest. Please no low ball offers as there is no urgency to sell it...
  2. LivEviL

    2011 LX build

    Finally got repairs done on the new to me 570. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/new-2011-lx570-issues.1213545/ Now on to the build. Going with custom front bumper with the APEX Badland 12,000lb winch, sliders, and rear bumper with tire carrier and 2 jerry cans. I plan on building some sort...
  3. jneubeck

    Maker of this bumper?

    Does anyone know the maker of this aftermarket bumper. I know its on a Tacoma but I would love to put something like this on my LX570
  4. LivEviL

    New 2011 LX570 issues

    Greetings from a reformed Jeep lifer. Just took arrival of my 2011 LX570, 111,000 miles, yesterday. The wife and I are excited to turn this into an Overlander. I bought it over the internet from a Chevy dealer and have some concerns. When I received it from the driver (Madison, NC to...
  5. LivEviL

    New 570 to build

    Greetings from a reformed Jeep lifer. Just took arrival of my 2011 LX570, 111,000 miles, yesterday. The wife and I are excited to turn this into an Overlander. I bought it over the internet from a Chevy dealer and have some concerns. When I received it from the driver (Madison, NC to...
  6. LX470Beast

    For Sale  Camarillo, CA Set 4 TRD Pro BBS Forged Wheels With BFGoodrich K02 Tires

    For sale for $3,100 OBO. Please be reasonable with the offers. Set of 4 Tundra TRD Pro BBS Forged Wheels with BFGoodrich All Terrain K02 Tires. Tires and wheels have less than 3000 miles on them. Tire size are LT275/70 R18. Tires does not rub on my 2017 LX570 with sensor lift with not other...
  7. Z

    For Sale  ATLANTA: Tundra 18” wheels

    I have a set of Tundra wheels that I was planning on painting. So I had already started sanding them, ended up going in a different direction. 175
  8. A

    Should I sell my 2009 VXR for a 2008 LX570

    Hi, So I'm new I just bought my 2009 Land Cruiser VXR October of 2019 I'll post pictures of the VXR and I bought it for 80,000 Riyals ($21,970) and now I saw and inspected a 2008 LX570. I know they are the same but I want to get an LX570 so I can have the same car as my dad (2018 LX570s). My...
  9. BigMF

    Builds  LEXpedition Overland Build Thread

    Hello all, Just starting out with my 2011 LX570. I'm hoping to build a rig that will take me (and my wife and/or kids occasionally) on some great adventures. I will not be building a rock crawler or mudder. Simply something that is reliable and will get to those places that are off the beaten...
  10. BigMF

    Method MR313's on LX

    Anyone have experience with the 17" Method MR313's on their 2011'ish LC or LX? They have a +25 offset and I've read one person say here that they should fit, similar to the Icon wheels with the +25 offset. Thanks in advance!
  11. BigMF

    Moto Metal 17" wheels on 2011 LX570?

    Hello all, first time poster here. I'm looking to upgrade (downsize?) the wheels on my 2011 LX570. I currently have the factory 20" wheels but want to go down in size so I can get the benefits associated with that. I've heard that there are limited options in the 17" range, specifically the...
  12. E

    2015 lx570 need feedback on tires

    Have a 2015 lx570 with 31,000 miles . Have Michelin green Ltx on it. Highway smooth but bouncy on streets. Either comfort or sport still bouncy. Anybody recommend a softer tire for better ride and tire pressure that would help for these 20’s. Thanks
  13. RiDE

    For Sale  Portland,OR: 200 series nFab RSP front bumper LX570 land cruiser Baja Designs

    Purchased brand new directly from nFab 3 months ago. No issues with it at all. Only selling because my plans for the build have changed. Willing to sell with the Baja Designs lights. Will fit all 2008+ 200 series LX570's and Land Cruiser's. Skip the 10 week lead time. Front camera, parking...
  14. 5

    New to me 570

    Hello everyone! I just picked up a used Black Onyx 2010 LX570 last week. She's got 122K miles on the odometer. Pretty clean besides some tears in the driver's seat, and the driver side mirror not power folding properly. I bought this truck as something to do it all, for a long time. I couldn't...
  15. OSUAviator

    New to the Crew

    Hi Everyone! I finally did it: I sold my Wrangler and bought a 2008 LX. After lurking here for awhile you all convinced me (and it didn't hurt to sell my wife on better reliability). Its mechanically sound with all of the service records. However, there was damage to the front bumper cover and...
  16. flyingbird

    For Sale  San Francisco bay area: OEM LX570 21'' wheels and tires

    Bought 18'' wheel and tires for my 2017 LX570 and decided to let go of OEM ones. They have been used for one and half year. Some scratch on one of the wheels, o.w. both wheels and tires are in great condition. These should be compatible with older lx models, land cruiser and tundra. -- asking...
  17. S

    SOLD  Michigan - TRD Pro 18" BBS wheels

    New (still in box) TRD Pro BBS Forged Asking 4x $400 ($1600 total) obo. •Details: •Local pick up preferred (Michigan) •4 wheels, Never Mounted •18x8 offset +60mm •Bolt pattern 150x5 •Part # PT960-34190-02 •Wheel does not come with center cap or lug nuts •I believe they fit Land Cruisers and...
  18. gocougs

    For Sale  Seattle 22 Forged Aluminum Lexus / Toyota TRD F-Sport Wheel and tires

    I took them off of my LX570 on May 17, 2019. located in Seattle Washington Set of 5 wheels and tires. Comes with almost new tires, TPS, locking lug nuts and center caps. This was a $5000 option from Lexus! Tires: YOKOHAMA PARADA SPEC-X 285 /45 R22 114V XL BSW Fits: Lexus LX570 Land...
  19. L

    Lx570 Maintenance Schedule

    I am looking at a 2011 LX570 with under 100k. I would like to know where I can find the maintenance schedule for this vehicle and I would also like to ask yall what issues I should beware of now and down the road. Thanks!
  20. 100seriesThrGrt

    For Sale  Denver: Tundra Wheels Tires Center Caps & Lug Nuts

    Asking $950 Selling complete set of P275/70R18 Michelin LTX A/TII and 18" Toyota Tundra Wheels with Center Caps and complete set of Lug Nuts. Bolt Pattern: 5x150 Known to fit Toyota Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Tundra, Lexus LX470, LX570 As you can see, there is still a lot of tread left on these...
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