1. aryanalp

    Builds Aryan's 09 LX570 Build Thread

    Hello everybody. My name is Aryan and I have recently satisfied my long awaited craving for an off road capable vehicle by purchasing this beauty. It is a 2009 LX570, black on black, with 218,000 KM on the odometer at time of purchase, full dealer service history, as well as, no accidents for...
  2. aryanalp

    2009 LX570 - Wheel & Tyre Upgrade?

    Greetings to the good people of iH8mud. I have been lurking here and reading your posts prior to making the purchase of my LX570, and only today I have decided to officially register on this forum. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your endless contribution to this forum. It has...
  3. ishore33

    AHC/AVS Advice

    OK - need some advice on how to proceed with the AVS/AHC on my new to me 2008 LX. I just purchased my LX a couple days ago, and before I did I had some concessions made in pricing due to apparent AVS/AHC leak. (It's a 2008 with 113k, full Lexus service history). Based on pulling the service...
  4. T

    2014 Lexus LX570 Service Records

    I’m supposed to be picking up a 2014 LX with 47k miles this Friday. Clean carfax, 1 owner, serviced every 5k miles at the same dealer it was purchased at. I was able to enter the vin on the Lexus website to access the service records and it appears to of only undergone normal servicing. Am I...
  5. T

    Currently No CPO LC200 or LX570 available?

    I’ve been looking at used LC200 and LX570 for about a month now. I’ve been looking at certified pre owned as well as non cpo vehicles. I couldn’t pinpoint a specific day but within the last few days to a week all the certified preowned LC and LX have disappeared. Searches on Toyota, Lexus and...
  6. bwell

    Louise gets a face lift 2008 LX570 TJM T13 Install

    Bamber's big sister jumped out in front of our 2008 LX570 returning home from Thanksgiving 10 miles from home. The doe was about 150 lbs, maybe 1 1/2 years old or so, not a large deer but she kissed the front bumper cover at about 45, I got slowed down from 55'ish mph and she darted right last...
  7. A

    Cargo space dimensions 2018 LX 570

    Does anybody know what the space is between the 2 third row seats? Or could someone please measure that? I have not been able to find that. If you know of a post of 2018 LX 570 3-row cargo space dimensions after the 2nd row, please let me know. Thanks!!
  8. C

    For Sale 2011 LX 570 66K Miles $32500 Colorado

    85 by Chickenmagnet posted May 29, 2018 at 9:20 PM I will try to upload more pictures later. Has some paint imperfections - scratches small roof dings not much on body. a couple body panels look like they were touched up re painted - but there wasn't anything in the car fax I saw 6 months...
  9. mawlr

    Builds B.E. MEYERS MAWLR | 200 series LX570 Build Thread

    In March of 2017 Brad Meyers, founder of B.E. MEYERS, passed away after an amazing life. He was an innovator, inventor, and always looking to create something new and exciting. In memory of Brad’s spirit of adventure B.E. MEYERS & DEFCONBRIX are transforming his daily driver, this 2011 Lexus...
  10. tbisaacs

    I installed Slee Offroad LX570 sliders, here's how it went

    It took a couple of months of being on the waiting list, but they finally came this Friday. This is absolutely a DIY job - but it wasn't without challenges. Also, be warned: this is dirty job. My truck had probably 3-4 pounds of mud underneath. I can still taste dirt. My hope is that this...
  11. Scc1515

    For Sale 2010 LX 570 Wheels and tires

    I have a full set of 5 wheels and tires off of a 2010 LX 570. The wheels in great shape but the tires are a bit worn except for the spare that looks brand new. Wheels are 20" and tires are 285/50R20. Wheels do not come with TPMS sensors. Looking to get $600 for the set. I am located in Denver...
  12. C

    Lexus LX570 vs LX470 vs GX460 vs 4Runner

    Objective: The objective of this thread is to compare a used LX570, LX470, GX460 and 2018+ Toyota 4Runner off-road to see which vehicle is most suitable for myself. Details will be in CAD and kms. About me: - 20-30 years old - Male - Single - The vehicle...
  13. DecaturFJ

    My LX570 Tire and Makeover story...

    So I got my 2011 LX570 a month or two ago and decided I needed it to look a little bit tougher. First thing was add a new Gamiviti roof rack. Love this rack. Solid and well built. Quiet even at 70mph Next, after reading countless tire threads and learning about all the sizes types and issues...
  14. C

    LX570 Automatic Height Control Service AHC

    I appoligize if this is a duplicate post, but I searched for AHC and only found info on 100's not 200's. I also didnt see anything easliy identifiable in the FAQ's. Does anyone have a how to for the AHC fluid change / service that I first see requested at the 60K service interval? I am hoping...
  15. Bawa

    For Sale LX570 OEM rims Bridgestone Blizzaks with TPMS sensors and hubcaps.

    For Sale - 4 2008 LX570 OEM rims and tires with hub caps and TPMS sensors - 285/50/R20. The rims have 4 Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires mounted with maybe one season left. All rims are perfected balanced and in excellent cosmetic condition. Selling as I have moved to BFG KO2s and don't need...
  16. tbisaacs

    When do you disable RSCA?

    How concerned should I be? Should I just turn it off as soon as I hit the dirt?
  17. L

    LX570 - details of the heat cooling/heating

    Hey Gents, Long time Toyota owner that recently acquired a beautiful 2008 LX570. It's a beautiful vehicle and I can already feel my wallet getting lighter thanks to some of your builds. I have noticed one oddity. When I have the seat cooling function on, the passenger seat cools at the base...
  18. ranma21

    2008 LX570 Repair and EWD

    Found this but not sure how to install, I am sure someone here can figure it out. Shed some light if you do so everyone can benefit from this. ;) Файл из Облака Mail.Ru
  19. TeCKis300

    '08-'12 LX570 Weird new DRL light elements

    Here's an interesting thing that I came across and wonder if anyone's tried them. As I've not been able to find any pictures of them installed anywhere. I'm thinking they won't look great, but curious just the same. Part of the curiosity is that I would like to fit LED bulbs to the high...
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