1. JS24

    Loud Buzzing Noise When Ignition Is Turned To On (w/Video)

    So I was out washing the cruiser today and backed it out of the driveway to play vehicle dominoes so I could get it in the garage and out of the sun. Got back in it and started it up and was greeted with a loud buzzing noise coming out of the dash/steering column area that I have never heard...
  2. R

    loud clicking noise rear brakes

    I have an 86 lj 70 with rear drum brakes. after driving for a while fast (such that it goes fast-:) the rear brakes (I think) click loudly when I roll back and forth after driving (car off). if I let the truck sit then it rolls fine in five minutes. I just did the rear drums and my mechanic...
  3. C

    Loud Road Noise or Normal???

    I grew up driving our FJ60 as a teenager when it was new and was finally given it to fix up for ourselves. Now that I got it going everything seems to sound like I could remember but some of my friends with Jeeps think the noise coming through the floor from the transmission is excessive and...
  4. cruisergear

    Loud vibration around 40mph

    I need help diagnosing a strong vibration at around 40mph in my Land Cruiser. This vibration has been happening ever since we swapped in a small-block v8 into our FJ60. So it unfortunately manifested itself after introducing many new variables to the equation. (OME lift, new wheels, new tires...
  5. 4Cruisers

    Help - Loud Engine Knock '84 FJ60

    When I was back at my place in Nevada in mid-December, I started up my stock '84 FJ60 (~182,000 miles) to let it run for a while, as I usually do while I'm out there. It's been sitting (off and on) for almost nine years. Just before I parked it nine years ago I installed new plugs and wires...
  6. Bardiya

    Questions about Pre 2003 trans shifter

    Okay so first and foremost, Is the shifter supposed to be so loud and clunky? I'm talking about the shifter itself and not the actual drivetrain. Are there any grease points in the shifter or linkage? Also, where do the O/D button cables disconnect from the shifter? Someone cut and taped it back...
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