1. KLF

    SOLD  TRD 8" e-locker, ready for regear

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a TRD rear electric locker, not sure if it's from a Tacoma or 4Runner, can't remember the age either. I bought it as a spare years ago in case anything ever went wrong with the one I had in the back of my mini, but never needed it. The front pinion bearing was bad when I...
  2. J

    For Sale  2001 LC, 125k, white/tan for sale

    I have a 2001 with 125k, no rust Florida truck. White with tan leather, navigation, center diff lock, hitch, rack, old Man emu coils, rear air, third row. Just had timing belt and water pump done at Toyota. New Toyota battery. Good tires (31") and brakes. Needs nothing. Leather shows some wear...
  3. SteveH

    Locking hubs mis-assembled

    I suspect it's 'Tire World' - the manual hubs on an FJ62 I'm working on are both locked when in the 'free' position, and only turn 2/3s of the way toward 'lock' (and this makes no difference in their status). I jacked up the front of the truck and went through all possible combinations to...
  4. PbnFJ

    SOLD  Electric Locking Hub Adapters for 70 series - Norcal

    SOLD Locking Hub Adapters these allow you to replace your Toyota Electric Locking Hubs on a 70 series with Aisin or other manual hubs. The adapters are brand new and were never used and include gaskets, etc. SOLD
  5. aljollano

    Wanted  Locking hubs for '81 fj40

    I'm looking for a pair of locking hubs for my 81, brand is not a concern as long as they are in working condition. Thanks. A.J
  6. F

    Paint for manual locking hubs.

    In an attempt to paint the dial/switch a black/gold combo similar to stock, I've yet to find a good pain that will bind. I've gone through two iterations now and each time, after I complete the painting (and curing in the case of the caliper paint attempt), The paint chips off (caliper paint)...
  7. R

    Wanted  Locking gas cap

    Looking for Toyota locking gas cap for fj45 Thanks Rickey
  8. bcart1991

    Door locking issue... searched but no results

    I have an annoying door lock issue that I've been trying to research with no results. I have a '96 with no remote key fob. It unlocks and locks/unlocks as it should with the key in the door lock cylinder. I have a fob that's *supposed to* work, but haven't gotten around to trying to program...
  9. Super77

    locking hub removal and replacement - help!

    I removed one of my locking hubs - just the outermost part containing the rotating gold switch and the black ring - and forgot to note the position it was in before removal. How important is this? In putting it back, it seems that it can only go back in one of two orientations. The inner teeth...
  10. B

    Third row seat not locking in place and...

    ...the back rest is loosely-goosey. I'm looking at a LC this weekend and one of the third row seats won't lock in place (on the grab hook) when in the down position. Also, the back rest appears to be missing a bolt or a piece that holds it in place when in the upright position. These are t a...
  11. drew151

    I painted my locking hubs red today. . . Not bad

    I've always wanted my locking hubs to be red so I painted them today. I don't think it turned out bad. I figured it couldn't make it look any worse. It took me about 30 mins and cost me about 50 cents.
  12. aljollano

    Wanted  Locking hubs for '78

    I need two locking hubs for '78 fj40 Please let me know what you have. Thanks. A.J
  13. Allan W

    central locking issue

    quiz for the electrical guru's. I just installed a cheapish remote locking kit as my 91 had the central locking but only from the key. I connected the outputs to pins 10 and 11 of the master relay for the central locking. With the drivers door open, it works perfectly every time. With the...
  14. Ghetto Fireman

    Dashman Locking Dash Box

    I was lucky enough to score the very last dash from Mark Vickers ( aka Dashman ) . I always make an effort to support small business. This was my second purchase from Mark, he was always great to deal with. BTB products "Barrowed" his design, an continues to make a similar dash box, I refuse to...
  15. bwalker16527

    Any demand for 1974 front knuckles, locking hubs and trunnions?

    Any demand for 1974 front knuckles, locking hubs and trunnions?
  16. JLH911

    Chrome locking strip for windshield?

    I searched, and someone did mention that the chrome locking strip used to install the windshield gasket was still available, but this was back in 2012. Does anyone know if it's still obtainable? @beno ?
  17. tstepp920

    Locking Hubs for 1980 FJ40

    My 5/1980 came with drive flanges. I have access to several sets of locking hubs. What do I need to look for / check to ensure they will fit and operate correctly ? Thx
  18. SpamEggsandRice

    97 Lexus LX450 w/o Locking Diffs

    I've had this vehicle for a while just sitting on the back burner of projects to do. Well now is the time to work on it. As the title says, it does not have the magic switch for the locking front and rear diffs. What are my options to get locking F/R diffs on this vehicle? I'm open to all...
  19. orangefj45

    For Sale  Coarse birfs and locking hubs $25

    We have too much of this stuff laying around collecting dust ...... Total of 3 coarse spline birfs and 2 locking hubs. $25 plus shipping. They'll fit in a medium USPS priority flat rate box. Georg @ Valley Hybrids & Cruiser Brothers
  20. MDarius

    Door locking gremlins and electrical connectors

    My doors have started locking themselves. I'm guessing it has something to do with this mess: Can anyone recommend best fix these horrible mid-wire splices? Yes, I'm happy to remove the crappy aftermarket alarm, but I don't want a bunch of mangled wires hanging around. Also, yes that's kitty...
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