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  1. C

    Wanted  Wanted: 3rd Row Seats for 2013 in Tan

    Anyone willing to sell me their 3rd row seat sets in tan? Please let me know. Located in Nashville, TN.
  2. D

    For Sale  NC - 2016 OEM wheels & tires (No tpms)

    4 OEM wheels no tpms With lugs. Dueler H/T Tires $750 Pinehurst, NC
  3. S

    SOLD  Michigan - TRD Pro 18" BBS wheels

    New (still in box) TRD Pro BBS Forged Asking 4x $400 ($1600 total) obo. •Details: •Local pick up preferred (Michigan) •4 wheels, Never Mounted •18x8 offset +60mm •Bolt pattern 150x5 •Part # PT960-34190-02 •Wheel does not come with center cap or lug nuts •I believe they fit Land Cruisers and...
  4. E

    2013 LC 200 (USA) noise help

    Hi Everyone - I’ll caveat this by stating I really like my vehicle but am not very knowledgeable in car speak so bear with me I’ve had an issue for about a year on my 2013 LC 200. When going under say 5 miles an hour and running over a small bump (entering garage cement lip, driveway exit...
  5. KidCanFish

    Wanted  2016-2018 LC 200 Grey or Blue with TERRA!!!

    Looking for a clean carfax, southern state (no snow) some build ok. Willing to pay in the $60's but it better be good. Must have under 30K miles.
  6. GeorgeP

    2019 LC

    I am on the market for a new 1st one. Does anybody know the differences on the 2019 compared to the 2018 LC? Thanks
  7. F

    Broken or a unicorn? Is there a fan in the center console

    New ‘08 200 owner and so far so good on the condition. But could use use some help re: the rear vents on the back of the center arm rest console... Is there a dedicated fan in there or does it just get air from a duct from the front system... And if there is a fan are there any insights on...
  8. T

    General Grabber AT 3 285/60/18

    Hello everyone, I have been a long time lurker in this forum and have learned quite a bit from you all ! I have the following question I just recently bought the new general grabber at 3 285/60/18 116H does anyone here have any experience with them or they are only for the European market ?
  9. D

    Key/fob for 2016 LC

    Hello all, Looking for a locksmith in the Los Angeles area able to program key/card and key/fob for my 2016 200. Border Collie puppy much faster than I am. Oh, well! Smarter, too. :(
  10. paul r

    Paul R’s 2010 LC 200 Series Build

    Been lurking on Mud for some time, but finally ready to jump in. I appreciate all the advice and tech here. After years of being “too busy,” I finally got my priorities straight and am stepping back into the scene. I have had many built-up Toyotas in the past, so I am not necessarily new to...
  11. L

    For Sale  2013 LC 72K miles (Exceptional Condition)

    SOLD!!!! Sale Pending... Asking $43,500 Link to Pictures: iCloud Photo Sharing I'm happy to videochat to aid in a walk through of the vehicle at anytime. I've included a few pictures but happy to send more upon request. This extremely well maintained vehicle has been treated as if we were...
  12. apinti

    Trade  LC 200 OME rims in VA

    I want to trade a set of OME LC 200 18"rims (very good condition) and tires for a set of LC 200 17" rims (steel or aluminium ok). Willing to travel for a meet around VA. If interested PM me or call me at 703-674-9971. Also available for sale. Regards, Mitch
  13. G

    2017 LC 200 very rocky/wobbly on high speeeds

    Took my LC to oregon this weekend 1020 mile trip from socal. loaded with 6 grown men, with a xxl cargo box on top thats filled with stuff. here's the problem, from 50-80mph when i hit uneven pavement on the freeway the land cruiser starts rocking left to right like a boat on anchor, no...
  14. jetstream23

    For Sale  2009 LC 200 series Stock Wheels (4) priced to sell

    I just replaced the stock wheels on my 2009 Land Cruiser with Rock Warriors. Selling the 4 stock wheels for $50 each or $150 for all 4. My preference would be to sell all of them together but understand if people are looking for individual spares. Buyer will have to pay for shipping or I...
  15. mike mooradian

    For Sale  2013 LC 200 34k

    Not mine, but about the cheapest 2013 I have ever seen. $34,999 Looks nice. 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser
  16. R

    Looking at 200s

    Hi all, Looking for some advice/guidance from the collective wisdom here. I've been reading threads and searching CarMax,, CarGurus and AutoTrader for relatively low mileage 2013 or newer - love the black exterior with sandstone interior but there just doesn't seem to be enough supply...
  17. PIPA

    Considering getting a demo LC 200, any advice, comments, or thoughts?

    Hello fellow Ih8mudders, Dieselgate is finally finished and I've be looking around the corner to when I can turn in my JSW TDI and get the cash for my vehicle (soon hopefully). With that in mind, I've been looking into buying a demo 200 LC (actually in the next few days). Is there any...
  18. doanlaw

    For Sale  BFG AT KO (4)

    I have a set of four BFG AT KO's with about 60 to 70% life on the tires. Size is 285/65/18. Looking to get $400 or trade for?? . these were on my 03 Land Cruiser however I also have an 11 Land Cruiser when it comes to possible barter opportunities. Thanks for reading.
  19. D

    For Sale  LC 200 TakeOffs Set of 5!

    $400 big ones for a set of 5 LC 200 Series Takeoffs! Located just north of San Francisco, I bought these off mud and never used them so I'm excited to get rid of them. PM Me with interest and thanks! 4 Wheels with Center Caps NO TPMS 1 Spare with no Center Cap NO TPMS Small Nick by dgrizzly...
  20. Ali M

    Nooby question about WA Trails?

    Are there any trails you can recommend with my '16 LC stock tires and ground clearance of 9.1 inch? I am also eyeing the following trails, so your brief insight on these would be appreciated in terms of what parts of the trail you tried and your rig's current tires/lift: Walker Valley Reiter...
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