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  1. integrityauto

    Buyer Beware-- Landcruiser Heaven

    Let me start off by saying I never leave bad reviews but hopefully someone reads this before spending their hard earned money with this shady business... I ordered some Scheel Mann seats for my 80 back in August from Frank at land cruiser heaven. I have received little to no communication from...
  2. T

    100 Series Leather Seat Replacement

    Just purchased new front seat leathers from Land Cruiser Heaven in Hagerstown MD. I got my seat covers and a replacement mirror for my 100. Great experience in dealing with Juan and Frank, super cool rigs and shop. Since getting my new leather I've been hunting for a good 100 series specific...
  3. FloridaFJ80

    Land Cruiser Heaven - Escape from NY (EFNY) 40th Anniversary Build

    So for those don't know me, I have been on MUD as an active member for over 12 years and up to until 2 years ago I was just a normal active member. A layoff from my day job, sparked me to go on a big parts search expedition. My Toyota Parts search Expedition This trip started Land Cruiser...
  4. FloridaFJ80

    Parting Out  NoVa/MD/PA - Parting Out (2) 1984 FJ60s

    Picked these up before they went to the scrap yard. Thanks @jpsfj60 for your help!! Let me know what you guys need. Send PM for a quicker reply.
  5. FloridaFJ80

    For Sale  OEM 80 series dual filler neck - Brand new

    I am selling two OEM 80 series dual filler neck assemblies. All brand new and ready to ship. $550 shipped lower 48
  6. FloridaFJ80

    Parting Out  (NoVa) 1988 and 1989 FJ62 Parting out

    Parting out 2 FJ62 Land Cruisers. Rigs located in Hagerstown MD. Normal Rust. Paypal: Let me know what your looking for. PM me or via this thread.
  7. FloridaFJ80

    Parting Out  (NoVa)1993 80 Series unlocked rust free

    Parting out a 1993 80 series. Rust free. Most everything is there. Reply to the thread of what your looking for and I will reply back. Truck has Grey interior and green exterior. Paypal:
  8. jdsegra

    For Sale  NEW FJ80 Land Cruiser Heaven Leather Seat Covers w Seat Heater Option

    NEW front seat set of light brownFJ80 Land Cruiser Heaven Leather Seat Covers w Seat Heater Option. I bought these for a FJ80 that didn't work out for us. These are new still in the shipping box. These are 630 plus 130 shipping if you order through Land Cruiser Heaven.. The seats look like...
  9. cruiserkreutz

    Land Cruiser Heaven Bed Floor

    I received the bed floor this week that I had ordered last November from Frank (@FloridaFJ80) at Land Cruiser Heaven. I must say, I'm very impressed! It showed up in great condition, crated good and primer (no rust). Frank was good to deal with, he was always very quick to respond via email and...
  10. FloridaFJ80

    For Sale  1985 FZJ62 w/ H151F Rust free

    For those that dont know me. I bring back Land Cruisers from Colombia to the US. I just picked up a gem of a 62. Its a rust free 1985 FJ62 with a 1FZ-FE engine mated to a H151F 5 speed manual with a PT transfer case. Complete drive train is from a 2001 80 series with 135k KM. Truck is riding on...
  11. FloridaFJ80

    For Sale  1986 FJ45 Troopy LHD Full Body

    I have a full 1986 FJ45 troopy tub available. Can sell as is for $6900. Comes with hard top. This is for the full tub body with all doors and windows. Frame from an FJ45 pickup will fit this body. Great opportunity to build your troopy. Body in good shape
  12. FloridaFJ80

    For Sale  80 Series leather center console covers - BLOWOUT

    Guys, I have Grey and Tan Leather center console covers ready to ship. Normal price $85 shipped MUD Sale Price $66.80 Shipped USE PROMO Code ilovemy80 runs until the end of the month.
  13. FloridaFJ80


    No longer parting out. MODS Please delete
  14. FloridaFJ80

    My 100 Evolved - 2000 LX470

    I have been a long time 80's section guy, until know. I just picked up a 2000 LX470 with 215k. PO was the second owner and owned since 2003 when he got it with 45k. Well needless to say he hadn't taken care of it how he should have. I asked him about the timing belt and he was like huh.. This...
  15. FloridaFJ80

    My 80 Evolved - 1997 40th Anniversary v3.0

    Those that know me would say, "WHAT another 40th anniversary 80?? You just sold yours." Well my answer is yes another one. I couldn't live with out having an 80. I would have to say that my favorite LC would have to be the 80 series. Before the purchase of this 80, I had a DD 98 Lexus LS400...
  16. FloridaFJ80

    For Sale  1982 FJ60 UTE

    Have a close friend selling his 1982 FJ60 UTE. Vehicle is located in Colombia. This thing is pretty sweet. The conversion looks factory. Rust free. Vehicle has a 2F engine with a 4 speed. Power windows A/C Power Steering Thought it would be cool to offer this up on MUD. Price delivered to the...
  17. FloridaFJ80

    2016 Land Cruiser Heaven Colombian Expedition - Aug 3-15/2016

    Many members expressed interest on taking a trip to Colombia in their rigs, similar to how I did with my rig. Check it out here: My Toyota Parts search Expedition Well I have created a trip for those couragous and adventurous souls that want to explore Colombia behind the wheel of their own rig...
  18. jwilliams

    Land Cruiser Heaven leather video review

    Finally getting around to posting a review! Frank (@FloridaFJ80) from was great to work with and will answer all of your questions. I am very happy with the quality of the leather, stitching and fitment over the new Toyota seat bottom and back foam. I also had...
  19. FloridaFJ80

    For Sale  LCH Step Sliders v1.0 Blowout 40-50% Off

    I have 2 sets of step sliders. The DS step sliders fit perfect, but the PS need a little fabbing to clear the stock cats on the 95-97 80 series. So while I work with my manufacturer, I am letting these go for 50% off to some one who wants a great set of sliders and has some fabbing skills. For...
  20. FloridaFJ80

    My BJ70 Evolved

    Greatings everyone! I have never ventured into the 70 series section until now. I have been on mud for a long time and have always had 80's until now. I recently sold my 80 series and acquired a 1985 BJ70 in the process. Rig was originally from Canada, until it came down to Atlanta where it was...
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