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  1. D

    Key broke in the ignition. LC went dead

    So I’ve got a 99 land cruiser and went to turn the key in the ignition and the metal key broke apart from the fob when I went to turn it on. I realize what I did next was not very smart...I tried to turn the busted key in the ignition without the fob attatched. It did not start. I ubered home...
  2. suprarx7nut

    What does Your Remote Look Like?

    I'm releasing a remote for the FJ Cruiser soon. I want to make sure I correctly identify the years that have this style remote on the FJ. Can you folks comment whether or not this is your style of remote and what year your rig is? Thanks! OEM: YotaMD:
  3. suprarx7nut

    YotaMD 2019 Black Friday Sale - Biggest Yet

    Alright 'mud, it's that time of year again. The YotaMD Black Friday Sale is back and better than ever. This year it's Buy One Get One 50% on the ENTIRE STORE. All kits, all spare parts, all colors, all versions, everything! I've got lots of stock built up with...
  4. Skyshark

    Key fob sensor in Cruiser not working

    Hey Guys, I have a 2000 Lancruiser with the locking system acting up. The front two locks get stuck quite a bit, which I believe to be a problem with the lock actuator, which I plan to replace soon. However, my main question is on what I might be able to try to get my key fob working again. I...
  5. L

    What do you do with your key chain/fob when you're driving?!

    My wife and I are road tripping from GA to VA and we've got all the cup holders taken up with coffee and water which is where the key would usually go. The ash tray is being occupied by other little things as well (not cigarettes). This is the first push start vehicle either of us has had and...
  6. ClassyJalopy

    LX470 Broken Key

    I noticed the key we use all the time was a little wobbly in the key fob. When I tried to tighten the little screw, the whole thing sort of fell apart A quick search yielded some inexpensive eBay options and the very well regarded (but rather pricey) option of titanium keyfob from a fellow...
  7. morganism

    Key fob remote pairing theft

    Auto theft on the rise in Toronto area, and a security expert thinks he knows why | CBC News " Key fobs are constantly broadcasting a signal that communicates with a specific vehicle, he said, and when it comes into a close enough range, the vehicle will open and start. "The way that the...
  8. Steve O

    Power is cutting out

    Can anyone help!! I changed my battery and now when I turn the key to start all power cuts out. I have to open hood remove the negative side of battery for a few seconds put it back on and push the unlock buttton on key fob. I checked fuses and they seem to ok. Most of the time it works...
  9. D

    Key Fob Replacement

    I recently purchased a 1992 FJ80 with all the electric goodies. Yet when I got the keys from the old owner it was just the one spare - the kind of spare you get from a key shack, not a factory key. I have contacted the local Toyota dealership for guidance and searched both here and the web for...
  10. MrCWineMan

    Lexus Wallet Key on a 2016 200?

    I want to get a Lexus wallet key for my 2016 LC. I've spent some time digging around to see if this is a doable thing, I had the impression that it was. But come to order one from Toyota and my local dealer says that they can not program keys (I mean really? It's just tech stream) so I...
  11. S

    Key Mystery

    I have a 2004 LC with 3 keys. One is a master key with buttons (confirmed as master via FAQ). The second is a valet key without buttons. Both of these keys do what they are intended to do. I have a third key with buttons. The buttons unlock the doors and the key is cut and kicks the starter...
  12. suprarx7nut

    YotaMD Titanium Integrated Remote Key Fob Shell

    Alright, I'm finally letting this latest creation loose. Multilayered Grade 5 Titanium bracing combined with the rugged plastic I've been using for over a year and 100+ sales of the original YotaMD key fob makes this one durable key system. You'll need to reuse your existing remote internals and...
  13. D

    Key/fob for 2016 LC

    Hello all, Looking for a locksmith in the Los Angeles area able to program key/card and key/fob for my 2016 200. Border Collie puppy much faster than I am. Oh, well! Smarter, too. :(
  14. suprarx7nut

    3D Printed Key Fob Shells - Trapezoid Two-Button

    Hey all you hardcore 80 series folks! I made a key fob for the 100 series remote. I have had dozens of requests to make a shell for the 80 series as well. I have one style complete and ready for orders - the Two Button "Trapezoid" style. If you have another style remote and would want one of...
  15. Sowbug2000

    Key Fob Screw - 2003 LAnd Cruiser

    The screw fell out of the back is my key fob. I have been to a local hardware store and a hobby shop. No luck. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement screw for this key fob, or am I screwed???
  16. JLH911

    Missing an Factory Alarm key fob? Try this

    I looked around for a used factory alarm key fob for my 97 LX450 and had no luck so I turned to Ebay and did some research and found that this model worked for me. Just follow the programming instructions that can be found here on mud for the factory alarm key fob and it will work with this...
  17. Matt McLelland

    RS3000 (remote unlock / lock) Issues

    A few weeks ago my reliable 1997 Land Cruiser (274K) stopped unlocking her doors with the remote key fob. I'm still using the original RS3000 that came from the factory / it's never been messed with. I've owned this truck for over 14 years and have never had any door issues. So after a little...
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