1. B

    For Sale  2005 GX 470 Sport Trim KDSS Central Illinois

    2005 GX470 Sport Trim w/ KDSS 180k miles PRICE DROP! Asking $8750 Florida Car with zero rust Excellent service history Rear has been converted to OME Springs The bad: Front seat leather isn’t in great shape Paint isn’t great in a couple areas Timing belt done at 120,000
  2. T

    Wanted  Gx470 sport/KDSS

    Joined recently to research 100 series & GX470. Thanks to members for all the info. Wanted vehicle will see little Off Road action so GX470 sport (preferred) or optioned w/ KDSS for better on road handling. 150k or less, up-to date with maintenance/major services (primarily for set-it/forget-it...
  3. B

    For Sale  2013 4runner Trail with KDSS, one owner, Colorado $23,500 - SOLD

    I am selling my 2013 4runner Trail with KDSS. It is a one owner, Colorado only car with under 95,000 miles. The Good: One Owner Colorado Only KDSS New Duratrac Tires Very Clean The Less Good: Two Chips In The Windshield Back Marking On Rear Bumper (see photo) More image available upon...
  4. T

    Sway Bar Quesiton

    I recently got rid of the KDSS sway bar system on my 200 series land cruiser, while it did improve small bump compliance over washboard roads and uneven terrain, I noticed that the tires would drop much faster when going over a pothole, ditch or even when the tires are free like driving out of a...
  5. Nokaiser

    Need to share! 2006 GX470 Sport

    Hi guys! I’m new to this forum and just wanted to share my excitement with all of you. I just purchase a 2006 GX470 Sport with KDSS and 113k miles in Los Angeles with all the service records done by a Lexus dealer from when it was new. A California car with absolutely no rust whatsoever and...
  6. HDJdreams

    Help! - Undercarriage inspection tips?

    I looked at a 2009 tonight. It’s from NJ. The interior was in fantastic shape, the outside paint looked fine as well as I could tell in the dark. The undercarriage had been freshly undercoated. I was laying in a puddle, looking around with a flashlight the best I could at places that weren’t...
  7. GoISU

    For Sale  Undercoating Chicagoland IL

    Hit me up if you're looking to get your truck undercoated with Fluid Film. I'm not aware of anyone doing this professionally (I am not a professional) in Chicagoland so I figured I'd offer it up. I have the spray kit and I do it out of my garage for mod money. If you bring a 4X4 Toyota it's $75...
  8. A

    200 series differences between markets?

    Have a good day, buddies. Although I love my pickup truck so much, my little family is growing bigger and bigger, therefore I need to buy a seven seater. Just bought a new Ford Explorer few months ago, but it disappointed me quite a lot, due to excessive road noise and poor reliability, so I...
  9. buck208

    For Sale  2013 4Runner Trail KDSS

    I am selling my 13 Trail. Have it posted on T4R.org. FS: 2013 4Runner Trail KDSS $33,800 GA - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum.
  10. mossler

    Wanted  2005+ GX 470 with KDSS

    Canadian looking for US vehicle, preferably from outside the "Rust Belt". Obviously rust free, no accidents, normal wear and well maintained service history. Budget of 13-16K USD Thanks in advance for any leads or offers to sell.
  11. A

    KDSS and the LEAN. It's really very simple.

    Gday all, Having purchased a used 200 series, I wasn't aware of the lean that can occur with the KDSS. I have the petrol model and it came standard with KDSS. First up, I am self employed in hydraulic repairs so I have some experience and I'm happy to share what I've found. KDSS for the Land...
  12. K

    New to me 2008 GX470 Sport

    I've been lurking the GX/120 forums for a few weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger on 2008 GX470 Sport with 65K miles. I live in Colorado but flew to Atlanta to pick it up and drove home this week. The GX has a few blemishes on the outside that have been touched up, but the inside looks...
  13. mwm4211

    Lift install halted due to KDSS

    So, I finally scheduled an appt with Slee to install an OME Stock Load 2" Lift Kit. This, with my soon to be installed Falken AT3 (275 70 18) tires, will allow me to tackle a few more challenging Moab trails during our family trip late March. An hour after dropping my rig off I received a call...
  14. robstercraw

    Wanted  WTB Gx470 w/ KDSS

    Looking for a clean GX470 with KDSS. No rust, no accidents, good paint, and kept up on service. I'm in Phoenix so local deals are better. Budget is around $10 - $12K and this can be a very quick cash deal. Thank you!
  15. AustImages

    Correcting a KDSS lean

    Here's a quick and easy fix for the dreaded KDSS lean. Shown on a LandCruiser 200, but the same method should work for a KDSS-equipped Prado or 4-Runner. Web page with written instructions: http://www.project200.com.au/kdss-balance-lean/
  16. p0opstlnksal0t

    For Sale  2012 Toyota 4runner Trail Edition 4x4 Leather 60k KDSS $29.5k -Houston, Tx.

    Mint condition T4R 2012 4runner trail edition with KDSS suspension. 60k miles classic soft trim custom dealer installed full grain graphite leather interior with silver double stitching. Sunroof sliding rear cargo tray Backup camera bluetooth but NO Navigation New general grabber all terrain...
  17. B

    KDSS rust

    So I knew when I purchased my 09 last month that there was a little rust on the frame. To me it appeared to be superficial surface rust, mostly on weld seams, a little worse in some areas than others but nothing crazy. My plan was to hit it with a wire brush and repaint it then hit everything...
  18. Fulmar

    KDSS with 285/ 65 R-18 KO2s

    Apologies if this topic has already been covered. I searched and couldn't find any relative info. Anyone know if jumping up to 285/ 65s from 285/ 60s on stock wheels could negatively affect the KDSS? I'd like to go with 285/ 65 R-18 KO2s, but I don't want the additional ~2" of wheel diameter to...
  19. N

    For Sale  2005 GX470 Sport w/ KDSS

    If you're looking for a GX470 this is the one to buy. I purchased this car for my wife from the original owner - a doctor in Paradise Valley who always had it serviced at the dealership. All services on time, with a thick folder of dealer receipts to prove it. This is the rare, top end Sport...
  20. Trollhole

    Ditching the KDSS who wants to help me?

    Anyone want to be the guinea pig and help me figure out if the VDJ200 sway bars will replace the KDSS? I'm willing to ship out a set and see if they will work. I also have no idea how this will effect the stability control. But eventually the kdss is going to crap out and be expensive to...
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