1. rocfrk

    Correct Year Carburetor Insulator Plate / Heat Shield

    I am trying to put in a Carb for my '77 FJ40. But it is sitting too low. Looks like I need a Carburetor Insulator Plate / Heat Shield. Looking around the net I get conflicting years/months for a correct fit. Any Idea on what will fit my rig? Which parts cover my 01/77. (and maybe a good...
  2. hdjtachtig

    carb insulator question

    Our carb insulator is not so nice. The original part number (21911-60010) gives no result. What can be used as a good replacement for this? (1bbl)
  3. piecemeal

    SOLD  Carb insulator (stock) - FJ40

    looking for a used carb insulator in good shape
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