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  1. BradyBunchFJ80

    94 FZJ80 Instrument Panel Help!

    Hi All - So I've been digging in to baselining my "new" 94 FZJ80. After replacing all Vacuum Lines (truck idles much better now surprisingly) I removed my instrument panel after following a thread here to replace it with one I bought from a 96 with nearly identical miles. The reason why I...
  2. LCHardriver_02

    Gauge Fuse - IMPORTANT!

    So, I'm back in my 100 series, as my wife took my daughter and headed to the mountains in my 200 series LX:cheers:. This last week, I was troubleshooting the wiring on a small two-wheel trailer and accidently shorted 12V to ground....:doh: This took out my Gauge Fuse, located in the driver's...
  3. Swampfox58

    Instrument lightbulb change out

    I just replaced the alternator in my 77 FJ55 and now the light on my left instrument gauge is out. Any hints on changing these bulbs? My shop manual is a little vague.
  4. D

    VSC lights on, and a list of possible causes

    I've got both VSC lights on, but no CEL and no brake light. They came on after a 2 hour drive (stopped for 20 min, started back up and then they appeared for first time). Now they come on with any motion, forward or reverse. They are not on at startup. They did not come on following any CDL use...
  5. M

    For Sale  Instrument Assy ....

    Land Cruiser - Instrument panel reinforcement 5533060060 - $150 - Step Assy 52351-60021 -$150 - Floor mat support plate 58574-60010 -$30 - Rear bumper right -$80. If interested send message.
  6. Judh8smud

    FJ40 Instrument Panel Restoration

    Has anyone on here resurrected their old FJ40 instrument panel before? I'm trying to see if I can do just that with my old '65 instrument panel as I have seen they are pretty expensive to replace, at least for a college kid like myself! :D Here's what it looks like; Any...
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