high idle

  1. N

    Rpms fluctuate up and down quickly at idle

    Hi, I'm new to the land cruiser world. I've stumbled across this forum and am loving it.... I have a 97 FZJ80 with factory lockers. Truck has 212k miles. I recently got an issue with a fluctuating high idle. (Between 1500-2200ish) I decided to drive the truck as it was hoping something would...
  2. Radwelder

    ISC only retracts

    I’ve been having high idle problems so I took of the ISC and cleaned and bench tested it. It extends and retracts per the FSM but when I put it back in the truck it will idle correctly but over the course of a 30+ mile drive the idle will increase and max out at 1300. I have tested the ISC while...
  3. Jay470

    Difficult problem - looking for expert advice.

    I have an odd and seemingly unresolved problem... no matter what I've tried. First things first... I have an FSM, I have used all of my Google superpowers, replacement parts are all OEM (even the replacement tubes, lines, sensors, etc) and now I'm asking for help. The problem: I have a 96...
  4. gregnash

    FJ60 rebuilt carb high idle...

    Ok so this is an on-going saga that has been happening with BeBe since I rebuilt the top end in 2015/2016. She is a 85 FJ60 with the original 2F in her, desmogged when I first got her due to the smog pump being seized. Issue: - Truck will idle high after it has warmed up. Talking between...
  5. G

    Normal idle when cold or warm. High idle when hot after driving

    So I have an issue where my truck runs fine when cool and after a few minutes of driving but anything longer than say 10 minutes the engine wants to run at very high idle at all times. Almost 2000 rpm. Anyone had this issue before?
  6. SmokingRocks

    Electronic High Idle Retrofit

    Does anyone know if it is possible to temporarily input a modified signal to the IAC valve to initiate high idle? I'm thinking this might be pretty easy on my OBD1 1fz-fe.
  7. HogFan

    Couple of post tune up questions

    I changed my plugs, wires distributor, rotor and distributor O-ring today. It was hot, but it went well other than jacking with that #6 plug. I had a couple of questions about my experience. I'm an extreme amateur so these may be very basic questions. 1. I split the PCV hose at the end that...
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