1. vizslagold

    For Sale [PA] 4th gen 4runner 03-05 morimoto mini 8.0 hid fog lights

    i'm selling a nearly complete hid retrofit project, i was working on, prior to striking a deer with my 04 v8 limited on the way back from an archery hunt. this project must be buttoned up, on the vehicle it's being installed on, before fully sealing the lights. $180 shipped. paypal or usps...
  2. HachiBoi93

    HID Headlight bulb replacement help?

    So my left headlight went out on m 06 lx 470 and I thought it was a simple bulb replacement. Never worked with HID bulbs before and this is the first time I have to replace them. Maybe I'm missing something pretty obvious or easy but I can't figure out how to go about doing this. Do I have take...
  3. J

    LX470 drop in high beam bulb upgrade?

    Did the HID retrofit by @Luke111 - had a lot of fun working on it. But now my Low Beam is considerably more powerful than my High Beam. I wouldn't want to do an intense install for the High Beam like the HID retrofit, but has anyone found an direct replacement bulb for the High Beam that has...
  4. LTD FJ

    Sonar HID Halo Lights 3301

    Received, from a friend, these Sonar lights. Trying to figure out the wiring and what I am missing. So far, I hooked up the turn signal first, it works, but I get the quick blink like a bulb is out. Also trying to figure out the wiring. Both lights are wired into one 3 way prong. The kit came...
  5. Christian

    Headlight options? Depo or other brand?

    Hi guys I've recently upgraded from a 1987HJ61 to a 2001 VX100. Since the front fenders and upper tailgate are rusty, I'm planning on replacing them, and give the truck a +2006 facelift at the same time. So regarding headlights I plan on getting something like the Depos, and add bi-xenon like...
  6. spaber05

    Possible fog light retrofit, looking for input

    Hey gang, looking to get some input here... I was considering grabbing a set of these new Morimoto XB projector lights and retrofitting them to the existing OEM fog housings. The Morimotos look great, are relatively cheap, are practically plug and play, and the fitment looks like it might...


    Bought a new to me 2000 LX470 as a family vehicle, the previous owner had done a headlight modification that wasn't obvious to me until i tried driving it at night for the first time... it seems to have a decent cutoff but the light itself leaves alot to be desired and there's these two weird...
  8. jerryb

    tail light fuse blowing after HID install. STUCK

    Went to leave for florida and got pulled over, no tail lights. Fuse blown and replaced with new, it pops instantly with headlight switch activation. I removed all six rear bulbs, and fuse still blows at switch activation. I thought at first it was me working on the back hatch as I was wet...
  9. jerryb

    HID relay harness mounting location?

    I searched a bit. I couldn't find where people are mounting these. IF ballast can set in the space behind the side marker, in the fender, where is a good spot for the relays? Thanks for any help Jerry
  10. Luke111


    LX470 HID RETROFIT PROJECTOR BRACKETS ARE AVAILABLE www.lbbuiltwerks.com HID MINI H1 BRACKET AND PROJECTOR INSTALL GUIDE https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/led-drl-and-high-beam-for-lx-and-lc.1126169/ In my quest to simplify the retrofit process in my LX470 I decided to have a bracket made...
  11. shanester

    06-07 HID + Projectors

    I'm converting the front end of my 2002 LC to that of the 06-07 LC's and want to retrofit some HID's while I'm at in. I have read just about every thread there is about retrofitting so the purpose of starting a new thread is I'm still a little foggy on where to start (pun intended). The Goal...
  12. P

    just did HID conversion 1975 FJ40

    about a 0.5 banana job on a hard day. maybe 30 minutes to install. Incredible improvement over the stock lights. I already had the separate wire loom that runs directly off the alternator (bypasses most of the stock light wiring) and the halogen bulbs... and the HID lights are no comparison...
  13. tractorpole

    Wanted Passenger side Depo headlight

    so I caught a rock in my passenger side headlight that I retrofitted with a projector.:mad: I am hoping someone has one of the crystal ones laying around. just like these Or if someone knows where or who to order a single headlight from instead of buying another kit. Thanks TP
  14. NetJunky

    For Sale 2013 LC200 Headlights

    keeping them.
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