1. 60 toy ota

    feels like fuel starvation

    Hi gang. Here comes a novel, I could sure use some help. 84 60 with a 2FE from an 88. For over a year now I've been getting an intermittent hesitation. When it comes, the more throttle I give it makes it hesitate more. If i back off, it responds as it should. If I keep driving, it will...
  2. Pierce

    Minor engine studder at 3-4 lbs of boost

    I’m requesting wisdom. 1997 year model with supercharger. When I am cruising at 70-80 miles per hour and reach 3-4lbs of boost there is a minor intermittent studder. It only lasts a second and might only happen 2-3 times. I’m wondering if anyone has some insight. It feels like a miss. I put a...
  3. seatosummit

    Trouble Code 22 Solved

    Hi All- I wanted to share my recent experience with sorting a trouble code 22 CEL issue I recently experienced with my 91 FJ80 (3FE.) Basic synopsis of symptoms: Extreme idle (2500 on the high side, 300 on the low side) Trouble with cold starts Trouble with hot starts Hesitation on...
  4. pavlis613

    Hesitation & anti-diesel solenoid

    Been wrestling with a major hesitation situation with my 71 FJ40. Been floundering around for over a month. Truck idles great, and once you get past a massive flat spot it runs great again. But there is a 'dead zone' between (roughly) 1200 and 1800 rpm. If you let the gas pedal linger in this...
  5. morganism

    2001 Corolla stalling, hesitation

    Just gonna post this up here, so maybe i can find it again later. This is a software problem, a firmware update could fix, but they will not roll it out. This throws O2 sensor codes, and then cyl codes as vehicle starts to misfire. Simple fix is to disconnect both O2 sensors in front of cat...
  6. giddyup

    Ultimate FJ62 Stumble/Hesitation head scratcher

    Ok boys and girls..here goes. '88 62 with 250k. Has run great for the last 4 years I've had it. Started having some slight hesitation after startup last year but would quickly smooth out. Most recently though it got really bad after having the radiator replaced, front axle rebuild with brakes...
  7. HULK60

    Burst of air from engine during crank+hesitations at high speeds

    Hey all, Like the title says, whenever I'm cranking up my fj60 (with recently rebuilt engine) I'm hearing a burst of air coming from the engine. Also, when the engine is warm and I'm anywhere about 2000 rpm, the engine starts stuttering/hesitating causing the whole truck to jerk back and...
  8. C

    97 fzj80 strange issue, engine cooling, system lean

    Alright guys my name is matt ive had my cruiser for a year now no issues when i got it. 167,000 miles all maintenance maintained. Runs 15w40 cold air intake and high flow exhaust. Dual battery So the issue is a get a system too lean code po171 and she runs around 190°f coolant and 90° to 100°...

    91 3FE Hesitation & Stumble

    Hi, I'm experiencing hesitation at low speeds, clears up in 2nd & 3rd, then at high speeds it stumbles when dropping into 4th gear. My idle is a bit high in park, and drops to 650 in gear. At a stoplight, in gear, it stumbles. Could this be a fuel issue? A buddy of mine swears it's the fuel...
  10. LR LC200

    74' F Engine Hesitation/Hard Start

    Followed instructions on valve adjustment and happy with the result. While I was at it; pulled plugs and cleaned, adjusted plug gap to what's stated in Haynes Manual, adjusted points air-gap, cleaned up rotor, adjusted mixture, adjusted idle, and lastly adjusted timing. Rig runs much better...
  11. C

    Troubleshooting Stumbling / Hesitation issues

    Hi all, I have seen a lot of posts regarding this issue and very few solutions, so here goes my story / fix on my 1993 LC... Note: This should apply to 1994 and earlier Toyota's with a VAF Meter (not a MAF Sensor). Short Story: Issue: Hesitation / Stumbling whenever (could be cold, hot, city...
  12. AFL Fidalgo

    ecm/etcs/tps/magnetic clutch/vsc/traction codes/problems

    So finally saved up enough to buy a 2000 land cruiser with 220k.. the previous owner (1 owner) had a huge stack of all the records (timing belt/water pump done 20k ago) so I was thinking good to go decent one owner well maintained rig... not so far.. I had the local shop in town go over it after...
  13. riverdale32

    Engine Lunge in First Gear

    Hi folks, New FJ60 owner. Just bought one in the last 6 months and it's been great. '85 FJ60 with an '89 engine with manual transmission. Everything has run perfectly, except in the last couple weeks I've had an issue with the engine lunging at first gear. Right as I let off the clutch and...
  14. B

    AHC Quick Question on purchase

    I am looking a purchase of used GX and the AHC works but has a hesitation when going up and down. It will move up, hesitate a little and then sort of a little clunk before continuing to go up. Is this normal or a sign of future problems? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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