1. caliFJornia

    Calling all SB cruisers

    Hi! I just acquired my first FJ60 and I’m in the Santa Barbara area. I see quite a few J-wagons around town. Wondering if there are others on this forum and in the area. It would be great to get plugged in with the local cruiser community! Cheers! FJORN
  2. pannymix

    G'day fellow 80'rs

    Hi there, I'm new around here with the forum, thought I'd introduce myself, Peter, 80 owner from Auckland, New Zealand. 1996 80 4.2DT Auto. Great site, and tons of great info. I've already had some helpful guys assist with some transmission advice. Here's a photo of my 80 hooked to our 1967...
  3. RaduTudoroiu

    Hello from Romania

    Hello there, My name is Radu and i am from Bucharest, Romania. I am planning to buy a 3400 Diesel 1984 BJ45 in a couple of weeks time and i would very much like to know what exactly it is that i'm getting into. the truck has lived up north in Finland, rust-free and with 128.000 km from new...
  4. S

    Hello Everyone…From a newbie in Belmont, NC

    I just wanted to say hello to everyone and say a few things about myself. I just recently purchased a 71 FJ40 because I have always wanted one and since I'm kinda grown up now… I'd figure what the hell…you only live once. I have had an 86 FJ60, A Jeep CJ7, YJ, and TJ but the FJ 40 is the one...
  5. edg7

    New member hello

    Very happy owner of a new to me 2003 LX470 saying thanks for all of the helpful info I've found here... and dammit you guys are going to make me go broke.
  6. Jorge Ribas

    Hello everyone

    I am from Portugal, and I come here many times to this bible of Toyota, here are some photos of my Toyota Land Cruiser BJ 40 of 1979, January, is not in perfect state but with time will stay! The engine is the famous B, already has disc brakes in the front and power assisted steering, applied...
  7. CruiseLanderAZ

    First post - intro and hello!

    Hey everybody! I've had my beloved Hundy for about a year now. Spend a lot of time reading posts and it's helped me immensely with fixing things and getting ideas. Just wanted to say thanks and hello to everybody in the 100 forum. I'm a young guy and new to the scene, if anyone ever wants to...
  8. RaleighCJ


    I was advised of this board by jfg80 and am finally saying hi. I am new to the FJ ownership, but this will be my 3rd vehicle build/resto. I purchased 1996 LX450 in need of some TLC in November. I am currently in the middle of a front axle rebuild, gaskets, bearings, flipping birds, etc.
  9. PhillipPinot

    Hello from San Diego! - 2013 200 series “Marshmallow”

    Looooooong time lurker here! My wife and I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new (to us) 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser! We're extremely happy about our purchase knowing how well-built and reliable the truck is. Does anyone have any recommended shops in San Diego (particularly north county)...
  10. SoCal_80

    Mixed Emotions.... so long 80 and hello 100

    Well gang... I made the leap to a 100 series. I really was not actively looking but Grizzly (Verny) sent me a link to a local 2006 low mileage LC that I couldn't pass up. So I picked up the 100 and finally got up the nerve to let the 80 go yesterday. It was a bitter sweet moment but I am soooo...
  11. nmcbride89

    Hello Everyone

    I just purchased my first FJ62 (and first Cruiser) today. I ended up driving it the hour home because of a nightmarish experience renting a car hauler at Uhaul... Long story short, Uhaul will be paying to repair the bumper and liftgate moulding on my wife's Suburban, damage that was caused...
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