1. Recon Aircrew

    Another Cargo Area Lighting Solution

    There are many excellent cargo area lighting solutions on the forum but being a bit of a flashaholic I wanted to go another route. Also, I’m still averse to drilling holes into any large, difficult to replace panels. So, here is what I came up with: I had a small (1.875”) polymer Picatinny rail...
  2. dbcknghm

    For Sale 80's Series Landcruiser Body Parts

    Have the following and am trying to clean up ...from a 91 HDJ80 (small flares) in the southern US now in Winnipeg Canada...will ship, can crate the following: Not the original burgandy color code/paint outside and brown interiors. 204 612 2754.....dont check in here a lot so email or text...
  3. masperk

    Wanted FJ60-Lower Tailgate and Hatch.

    Looking for a lower tailgate for an fj60. Will buy the upper hatch if you have this too. Thanks! Located in Louisville, KY
  4. F

    For Sale FJ100 upper lift gate assembly (White)

    Upper liftgate assembly from an FJ100 Includes tinted glass, defroster, handle, and motors. One small ding, and very light repairable rust. Make an offer. Was thinking $250 plus whatever it takes to get it there. Located in Western Colorado
  5. CascadeCruisers

    For Sale fj60 Doors and Hatch

    Selling all 4 doors and rear hatch for a 1983 fj60. Very, very minimal rust/bubbling on hatch around seal. Also have a rear bench seat, front grill, and steering wheel. Located in Bend, OR. I'll take a fair offer on any or all of it. 541-977-2822 - Sean
  6. SteveH

    For Sale FZJ80 lower hatch handle

    Clean and unbroken, with screw. From a 1993 truck. $15 + shipping from 80908 (padded envelope). Steve
  7. Boz_10

    For Sale 2001 LC rear hatch/gate

    Rear hatch/gate, riverrock color with windshield/glass. It has rust on the hatch but the rest of it is good/functional. Selling for parts or the whole thing. $100. Located in Cincinnati/NKY area. PM with questions. Thanks
  8. crustycruise

    Wanted 45LV Rear Hatch

    Discovered yesterday that the top half of the hatch on my '67 LV is rotted. Prefer complete hatch frame but if you have a good top half please let me know. Can pay by PayPal, USPS money order, bank check as you prefer. Thanks.
  9. cybrstar

    Replace upper rear hatch

    Does anyone know how to replace the rear hatch of the Fzj80's. i know how to remove the bolts and the washer hookup but unable to locate the wire connector. Is it inside the headliner or the hatch? The 93-95 model is what I'm inquiring about.
  10. labcab

    Hatch brake lights not working

    I've been troubleshooting my trailer wiring and noticed that the brake lights on the hatch don't light up. Outer brake lights and the high center/3rd light work fine, but the signal isn't getting to the hatch lights. I pulled one and it lit up fine when I applied 12 volts to the harness. I...
  11. mattcheston

    Rekey doors and hatch to ignition cylinder?

    Is it possible to rekey my doors and hatch to a different key to match my ignition cylinder?
  12. mongoose2231

    For Sale Rear hatch bezel in nice condition.

    I have this nice bezel that I was keeping as a spare. It had a bit of surface rust on the back side. I meadia blasted it and then primered and enameled it. It should last forever now. The front side chrome is in very good condition. The plastic toyo logo has a bit of fading in a couple spots. I...
  13. NCC1701D

    Quick Question from new owner.

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've searched (honest!:D) but haven't found anything. Just picked up my new 2017 LC after trading in an aging Hilux Surf (4 Runner). So far, loving it. Just one thing I've noticed, the rear tailgate/hatch (upper section) doesn't seem to want to close...
  14. 4

    Wanted 80 series rear Top hatch

    I need the top half of the back hatch for a 40th anniversary FJ80. I just bought one and it has some rust. If I can swap it out with one that doesn't for less than paying a body shop to fix it, I'll do that.
  15. TXFJ40

    Wanted FJ40 rear hatch with glass.

    Preferably near Houston/ SETX/ SWLA or be willing to ship Thanks!
  16. FeralOne

    Various Mounts and Hatch Door Issues - 1974 FJ40

    Looking into installing fresh body and transmission mounts on my rig. Hoping to reduce the decibels of noise inside so I don't have to wear earplugs...can anyone provide advice or pitfalls of my plan? There are aftermarket poly and stock rubber-is one material better than another? I'll probably...
  17. S

    Swapping Upper Tailgate Hatch and Glass?

    Looking for some advice about how to swap an upper tailgate hatch swap and hatch glass. Let me walk you through the scenario, any advice or direction from this braintrust is most welcomed. When I bought my '04 LC, the rear upper tailgate hatch was rusting out. (It came with the...
  18. stainless 40/45

    For Sale 1987 fj60 hatch catches

    Every thing that is used to close the rear doors on a fj60 hatch door. $25 shipped
  19. Spike Strip

    City Racer's Noggin' Savin' Hatch Struts

    I was perusing Racer65's Land Cruiser porn website www.Cityracerllc.com and came across these replacement struts he was offering for the rear hatch. I hadn't seen them before, on MUD, and not sure he's done much promotion on this item. LINKYPOO But for anyone who has taken a couple of...
  20. g-man

    looking for a rear hatch tent idea

    Is there a rear hatch tent developed so I can sleep in the rear of my fj60 but still get up (at night if necessary) My wife may need a potty break at night if camping and I hate the thought of her climbing down a RTT ladder. We're over 50 years old so not going to climb ladders at night to...
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