1. Markuson

    Evap Codes GONE...Woo!

    New charcoal canister and replaced fill tubes. Sheesh. Finally! Bad news is canister is EXPENSIVE... But glad I can stop my routine with the code reader/reset. :hillbilly:
  2. Fantom

    BJ42 electrical gremlins - turn signals

    I've had this truck for a while now and something very weird is going on. Has been happening since I bought it off the previous owner. Some times (unrelated to weather, time of day, temperature or alignment of the moon) the turn signals and the hazards stop working. I can try either one...
  3. graham5david

    alternator wiring gremlin

    I replaced my alternator and voltage regulator and it still won't charge my battery. It will die if I unhook the positive lead from the battery. I'm not sure what is going on. Do any of you have a wiring diagram for the alternator and voltage regulator for a 1969 40 series.
  4. AndrewHadji

    Electrical Gremlin

    Hey Folks, Seem to have a bit of an electrical gremlin going on. Drove her into work today, my radio kept cutting out, then coming back on. This is a symptom it seems. On the way home at night, it did the same thing, except with the dash lights getting super bright. It happens more frequently...
  5. sea bass

    Electrical gremlin

    Trying to chase down a electrical issue lost my dome light, radio and clock power does anyone know where i can find the junction block 2 as per service manual that seems to be where all 3 are tied together
  6. TheForger

    Recent Electrical Gremlin Causes No Voltage Anywhere

    Long post I know but please bear with me here... Recent Issues: -- Put key in ignition, turn to acc. position and all the dash lights flicker for a second then completely go off. I look down at my voltmeter I installed above the seat heater switches and it is not even illuminated. -- Removed...
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