1. just differentials

    FLEX TEST - Lexus LX470 / 100 Series - Super Deluxe Suspension by JustDifferentials

    This Rig Was Already Running #NitroGear 4.88s - but you can find the same lift kit that's shown here on JustDifferentials website **LINK BELOW** Shop Suspension Packages: Features & Benefits: Bolt on Super Deluxe Suspension Kit includes: -Front Torsion...
  2. just differentials

    Why Re-Gear? What's the big dealio?

    Why Do We Regear Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, & SUV's? Watch the video as we explain some of the mystery & give you an inside look at the theory behind why this modification is so important if your vehicle is sporting aftermarket equipment. *** Be Sure To Like & Subscribe! *** The most important...
  3. Devon

    383 Chevy FJ45

    Hi all new to this Forum Anyway I am currently in the process of rebuilding my FJ45 which has a longer tray than today's Land cruisers Anyway It had as follows 1974 F motor H41 4 speed 4.11 Gears 33 inch tyres It now has 383 Chevy V8 Rebuilt H41 4 speed Orion TC with lower low ranger gears...
  4. just differentials

    Do you own a JEEP?

    Many of you on IH8MUD wheel or daily drive a JEEP - So this is for YOU! NITRO Gear Packages: Jeep Cherokee XJ: Jeep Grand Cherokee WK & XK: Jeep...
  5. just differentials

    Nitro Gear - Chromoly that ROCKS!

    Chromoly - A mix of Chromium and Molybdenum, is designed to offer a significant increase in strength over the OEM axles. This is a great addition if you've fitted larger tires, added accessories and use your vehicle for off-roading. These HD Nitro axles boast high-strength chromoly material...
  6. RFB

    A gear./Tire question

    I have a 97 FZJ80 with 4,88 r&p and shes currently rolling on 345/75/16s which in Ma. dont cut it. whats the smallest and thinnest i can go without killing my gearing. because its runs perfect now I just want a bit smaller diameter and def width. Im in your hands
  7. Dharma Dude

    Changing the gearing for "L" (transfer case re-gearing)

    I read alot about changing the front/rear differential gearing to get more torque (and for larger tires) but can't the same torque increase be achieved by changing the gear ratio for the "L" transfer case gear? A bit of googling showed that for older 4runners, there exist after-market parts for...
  8. NMC_EXP

    4.56 and 33" Tires?

    I have an '85 FJ60, 2F engine w/good compression, 4 spd, desmogged, engine runs very well. The 60 has all the add-ons: suspension, front bumper w/winch, rear bumper with swingouts, full size Wilderness roof rack. Tires are 33x10.5R15. The PO swapped factory gears for 4.10s which get it close...
  9. imhighlander

    SSTs needs for regearing?

    Hey gang, My pinion seal finally crapped out completely so I'm using the opportunity to regear as I service both the diffs. In reviewing the FSM I saw a pantload of SSTs listed for the removal and installation of various bits. How many of these are absolutely essential and how many can be...
  10. DWHeigher

    Mileage Observations from 3 rigs

    There have been many discussions on here regarding mileage with larger tires gear changes, etc. During our trip to Moab starting near Sacramento, CA, two friends and I took made some mileage observations between our three different rigs. Rig 1: 1997 LX450, naturally aspirated, stock gearing...
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