fuse box

  1. Vavrinyuk

    Need help identify this wire connected to EFI fuse location?

    Hey everyone I need some help identifying this cable that has two fuses (a 15A and 10A fuse) plugged into location that the 15A EFI fuse goes. It leads all the way to the main wire harness taped up. I attached a photo where it goes into the main wire harness. I know its not an aftermarket...
  2. W

    NO Start Issue – Fuel Pump works outside but not while connected

    I read through most of the “No Start”, “Key Immobilizer”, “Fuel Pump”, and “EFI Relay” threads but have reluctantly started a new thread (sorry) because most of the issues indicate the security light on the center console as still blinking while ignition is ON (and mine is off as is expected)...
  3. FJ60Seth

    SOLD Blue Sea SafetyHub 150 Fuse Box

    Blue Sea Fuse Box PN 7748. New, never installed. I bought it for a project and never used it. I took it out of the plastic packaging so it'll fit in a medium flat rate box. $70 Paypal Friends & Family *shipped* to any USPS zip code.
  4. 2001LC

    Replacement source, main fuse box lid Seal.

    Ever 100 series I've looked at needs a main fuse box lid Seal. With some of the issue we've seen with these fuse boxes, I'd like to keep internals clean & dry as possible. The seal is our only defense to this end that I'm aware of. I've never pulled the fuse box, so I have no idea if any other...
  5. Jackybills

    KickBoard fuse box legend, blower fan fault

    Hi people, I'm having trouble with my blower fan on my 2005 100 series Landcruiser, its not operating at all. I'm in Australia and I'm fairly positive its fed from the fuse box in the left hand kick panel as thats the location of the blower fan. The fan controller is activating all three of the...
  6. yelmarb

    1975 FJ55 Fuse Box Location

    Seems like such a stupid question but I've looked high and low, inside and out for the fuse box in my FJ55. Can someone please let me know where the fuses are for a 1975 model?
  7. A

    Wanted LX450/Land Cruiser FJ80 Interior Fuse Box Cover TAN

    Need a tan fuse box cover for the lower dash fuse box. Tan!
  8. C

    Wanted Fuse Box for 1979-1984 FJ40 (Seattle)

    Looking for a fuse box for the late model run. Fuse box cover would be a bonus. (This is a repeat request from 2 weeks ago.)
  9. C

    Wanted Fuse box assembly-3/1979 FJ40

    Looking for a fuse box, fuse cover would be a bonus! Location: Seattle, WA
  10. Kilgore

    Popping Noise Cold/Accelerating

    So the rig is running great...except for a loud popping noise coming from the fuse panel area. It happens when its cold and accelerating or if I hit the gas and open the throttle. Rig is a 10/75, desmogged and rebuilt motor. Electrical system is all stock but in good shape. The popping noise...
  11. medtro

    EFI Relay Bypass Kit (Immobilizer Fix) for UZJ100/LX470

    This bypass kit bypasses the bad EFI relay circuit in the fuse box so that the immobilizer system gets adequate power supply for starting the car. I made this for myself after my new 30A replacement fuse - initial fix for crank but not start problem, failed to start after 4 days. Some members...
  12. A

    For Sale FJ60 and FJ40 Odds and Ends

    Hello, I have the following for sale, prices do not include shipping. 1980 FJ60 Parts Manifold Set - $200 OEM Carb - $100 Air Rail - Less than 300 miles - $200 Smog Hoses - $25 each Chrome hubcap set - $100 shift knob - $10 Shift fork and new throw out bearing - $75 New Clutch plate - $40...
  13. Jay470

    Fuse box lid - Under the hood

    My ownership of a low mileage (130k) 98' LX470 began a couple of weeks ago and I've been crawling all over, the fairly pristine for its age, rig. I've been lucky enough to find answers to some of my questions in the forms and I extensively used the forums in my quest for the perfect 100 LC /...
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