fuel injectors

  1. C

    Wanted Fuel Injectors BJ40 77

    My mechanic "lost" all four of my fuel injectors on my 1977 BJ. Looking for replacements. I am in San Diego. Let me know if you got the goods!
  2. erose54

    Fuel Injectors

    Hello All, I know this has been covered for FZJ80's but I have questions about FJ80 fuel injectors. But what are good replacement injectors for a 1991 FJ80? My wife's rig is hard starting, idles rough and seems hesitate on hard acceleration (passing semi's). I have replaced on the vacuum...
  3. nmcbride89

    Fuel Injector Opinions Rebuilt OEM vs Having Mine Cleaned/Rebuilt

    So RockAuto has some injectors for sale that the company (GB Manufacturing - anyone heard of them?) claims to be rebuilt OEM injectors. My question is whether or not I should go ahead and get these or send mine off to be cleaned/rebuilt. This is my daily driver, so I don't particularly like...
  4. grizzlygibbs

    My overdue PM journey. Picture heavy.

    I have been accumulating boxes and boxes of parts I have accumulated the last year and a half from Dan and Onur that I am finally getting around to installing, along with doing some other cleaning up and refreshening to the old Mountain Goat. The game plan: New fuel filter, new fuel sock, new...
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