1. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  Looking for Early 09110-35011 Jack With TEQ and Slot Screws

    Like title states. I am looking for an early 09110-35011 jack with the TEQ label and slot screws. If you have one let me know. Going in a 65' fj45
  2. Drake2

    Barn Door Differences (footman loops)

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me why some barn doors have 3 footman loops, some have 2 loops, and some have none. I am assuming that the footman loop versions only came on FST rigs and the ones with no loops were on factory hardtop rigs. If that's true was it a year change between the...
  3. C

    Wanted  Canvas FST and door skins for 1965 FJ40

    I'm looking for a high quality soft top and matching door skins for an early 1965 FJ40 FST we are restoring. In browsing the forums, it looks like there were a number of options years ago (e.g. paktops), but those vendors don't seem to be active anymore. Anyone have an army green one in good...
  4. mdennis

    For Sale  FST bows

    Factory soft top bows, missing the 2 pieces over the doors, one side has been broken where it slides into the tub, these were storef outside and show it, including the rear bow had frozen cracking the tube in 3 spots. Can be used just needs some tlc and sourcing or fabbing the pieces over the...
  5. houstonfj40

    Wanted  FST Door Stop

    as you know the FST door stop is different than the hard doors. I am looking for one, but would buy two of your selling as a set. Thank you in advance. They are a little longer and different slightly different shape. Marc
  6. houstonfj40

    Wanted  FST door stop

    Looking for one FST door stop, they are different from Hard Top. Thank you in advance. Trying to refinish two doors. I already have one. Thank you Marc
  7. Nixon481

    Wanted  Wanted: FJ40 Factory Soft Door window adjuster/lifter piece

    Not sure what it is called but I need 1 of the flexy brackets that bolts onto the window lift channel on a FJ40 factory soft top door, that allows the window to rest at different heights. It is attached with 2 little JIS screws, which I'd also take if someone has them. Also, I need 2 male and 4...
  8. houstonfj40

    Wanted  FST door stop

    looking for one FST door stop. They have a different shape than the hard top doors. Restoring doors. Shipping is to 77005 Thanks in advance Marc
  9. houstonfj40

    FST door corner glass molding solution?

    I am starting to redo a set of FST doors. I can find the door moldings/felts in searches but nothing for the corner glass window (Plexiglas). Had anyone found a solution for this molding? Getting new Plexi cut, but molding is toast. Could I cut up a molding for the "bug catchers" to work...
  10. jvincig01

    Making FST door hinges

    I am considering making myself some FST door hinges. I can find FST door side hinges but thinking about cutting some regular body sides so they look and work like stock FST. Can someone tell me approx what angle this is? :D
  11. whitey45

    For Sale  Oem fst bows and doors

    Oem fst bows and matching doors in great shape, original Capri blue . Comes with inner and outer door hinges, but no tub hardware. This set would be great on an original Capri blue 40. $1800 can palletize, buyer arranges shipping. Also two beige fst doors complete good shape $650 and one red fst...
  12. Indygbd

    For Sale  Fst model spare tire carrier

    This is a fst model spare tire carrier from a 1967 fj40. Designed to close around fold down tailgate latch. From an Arizona vehicle. Very clean carrier. 250.00 Plus shipping
  13. 63cruiser

    FST Top Color Choice

    I have a 63 Lily White cruiser that i am trying to decide on the color for the top/door skins. I have access to an original unused Kayline top that Wiley had for sale a while back but that might be a whole lot of white and the one picture of a similar truck was not really my preference...
  14. Indygbd

    Wanted  Oem Fst Bars. Ton of new oem parts to trade or Cash

    I am searching for a set of oem fst bars from my 1972 frame off project. I will purchase them out right with cash, or trade some clean parts for it. I have early bug catcher windows, early fj40 complete clean doors, 1979-83 rust free Ca. ambulance doors, 1975-83 rust free Ca. front doors, and...
  15. Indygbd

    Wanted  FST Door Hinges

    I am looking for a set of fst model door hinges for my 1972 project. I have the tub side. I need an extra set of the door sides. I am planning on restoring a set of both hard and dst doors and do not want to change hinges. let me know if you have a set of 4 or just 1 laying around.
  16. RustyNailJustin

    FST Question

    Newbie question I feel like I should know the answer to. I added the pictured 72 FST FJ40 to my collection last fall. I am slowly making some changes to it. It came with a factory roll bar that had been modified. I am wondering if and when did Toyota start putting roll bars in the FST...
  17. Y

    For Sale  FJ40 FST windshield bracket

    Windshield bracket for a factory soft top FJ40. This is original and in great shape $125 plus shipping
  18. Y

    For Sale  Lower fst rear hinges FJ40

    I have four hinges and hardware for the lower part of the rear doors off a late model soft top FJ40. These are in great condition. $65 plus shipping
  19. Wadesters

    1966 FJ40 FST Winshield Frame question

    I have a new project a 1966 FST. I confirmed as much as I can tell (holes for hooks up by door frames, hinges for soft top doors, strap hardware) that my project is a factory soft top. I have not worked on something this old before. The soft top bows were missing when I bought it. I bought a...
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