1. a_traut_man

    Traut100 2003 Land Cruiser Build

    Well I figured I should go ahead and put together a build thread capturing all that I am doing to my 2003 Land Cruiser. Over the last few months a lot has already happened (while prepping for HIH6) so some of this will be going back a little bit. So the end goal is for a set up that is...
  2. lstamatis

    98' Locked and Loaded 100 series build thread

    I figure it's time to start a build thread since I'll probably lose track of what I've put into this beast at some point. Suspension - Drivetrain - Rubber - Brakes OME Torsion Bars OME Shocks Nitrocharger sport Slee Diff. drop OME 2864 Rear Springs Slee Heavy duty rear lower control arms SPC...
  3. t_tentech

    Trade My FJ60 for UZJ100

    SOLD I'm needing to get a vehicle with third row seating for my growing family so it is time to put my beloved FJ60 up for trade or sell at $10k obo. I've been looking at mostly 80 series, but I'm open to the right 100 series as well. Here is the link to my other thread and it contains...
  4. mulchiro

    My new 80 and it's eventual build thread

    Finally picked up an 80 series after a year or so thinking about it and browsing craigslist. It belonged to a friend of mine and when he let me know it was up for sale, he told me he'd give me a deal. I actually got to the point where I was prepping my 62 to sell so I could have some extra cash...
  5. D

    Checklist to prepare 1999 LC100 for road trip in DRC / Angola

    Hi All I'm new to the forum - have just signed up. I live in Kinshasa DRC and have a 1999 LC 100 (petrol engine, automatic transmission) which I bought about a year ago. One of the front stabiliser links is broken and is soon to be replaced, but apart from that the car runs beautifully and has...
  6. JS114

    For Sale GA - Overland Expedition Trailer

    Spent the better part of my wife's second pregnancy building this only to realize overlanding with two little ones wasn't in the cards. Time to make room in the garage for more kid stuff. Body is a WeatherGuard 308-3 Pack Rat Drawer Unit with a pair of BetterBuilt Crown 48-in Top Mount Tool...
  7. CV Kurt

    Red Band Hunt

    Tomorrow I'm off on a hunt for three native Northern California Redband Trout... part of my effort catch all 11 catchable native trout in their native drainages. After this trip I should have enough of the 11 to qualify a California Heritage Trout certificate from CDFW. I'll be using this...
  8. aausmana

    For Sale 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale - Fully Built

    NEWS - Alright everyone, well here it goes! For those of you that have wanted the opportunity to own a fully built 200 series - HERE IT IS! I have decided to potentially sell my pride and joy. I have not even had the opportunity to take her off-road nor truly enjoy the fruits of my (and many...
  9. 9

    18 inch tires to buy? Bedliner? General Questions

    99 MS Cruiser here with some updates. The ol girl just rolled over 385,000 miles and she's still going strong. I'm about to make the trip home for the summer for some much needed relaxation from school. I'm in the market for some new tires once I'm home though. I already have the 18 inch wheels...
  10. 80seriespoptop

    Isuzu UTE diesel

  11. ness

    Pop Top Camper HDJ81 in Victoria, BC For Sale.....soon!

    Just putting the feelers out in case anyone is interested in purchasing my HDJ81, that I imported from the UK when the military moved me back in 2011. Drove to Southern Mexico and back without any issues. The rig ran and still runs perfect. Just needs a clean and a new owner who will take her...
  12. Spiva

    For Sale FJ62 Hitch mounted 2 fuel can carrier - NorCal

    $150 obo I have a 2 fuel can carrier that attaches to a 2" hitch, and bolts to the lower side of the stock FJ62 bumper. (Sorry, I don't know if the 60 has the same size bumper.) Super easy to install, assuming you can remove your lower bumper bolts. The 2 can holder swings out to allow the...
  13. F

    For Sale Solid clean 1989 HJ-61 Turbo Diesel Right Hand Drive (Nevada)

    > New price 19.5K Big price reduction.... >EGT and Transmission temp monitor installed. >Low milage 185277 kilometers thats 115125 miles on the dial >Currently smogged and registered in Nevada, previously Arizona >Ready to upgrade or drive as is, new shackles up front drives like a dream on...
  14. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Complete Transfer Case in V.Good Cond 94 FJ80

    SoCal $350 if you pick it up or do the shipping arrangements. The Cruiser had 166,000 miles on it. Available for local pickup. T-case has been removed from the car. Possible to ship on a pallet at your expense. My zip code is 91780. I can deliver it to Fastenal, UPS or FEDEX. Please do...
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 91-92 Fresh Rear Driveshaft

    SOLD SoCal; One new U joint, One excellent U joint, driveshaft has been sanded and painted, ready to grease and install. No dents or issues, no rust, from a Southern Calif FJ80, freshly painted. $75.00 Shipped Price $105.00 within USA. Paypal OK. FITS 91-92 ONLY, not correct length for 93-97
  16. Allen Stanion

    Darien Gap Jungle Expedition

    I am forming a group of Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70 series explorers who want to cross the Darien Gap from Panama into Colombia. We want to stick with Toyota 70 Series BJ diesel Land Cruisers, as parts could be shared, increasing mechanical survivability. The Darien Gap hasn't been traversed via...
  17. excessive

    For Sale FS: ARB full size roof rack w/ 80 Series Fitment kit

    no longer available
  18. FloridaFJ80

    2016 Land Cruiser Heaven Colombian Expedition - Aug 3-15/2016

    Many members expressed interest on taking a trip to Colombia in their rigs, similar to how I did with my rig. Check it out here: My Toyota Parts search Expedition Well I have created a trip for those couragous and adventurous souls that want to explore Colombia behind the wheel of their own rig...
  19. HJ60VCruiser

    For Sale 1985 HJ60V RHD - 105,000 miles

    1985 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60V, right hand drive. Original Toyota 2H diesel with a straight 6cyl 4.0 liter engine connected to an automatic 4 speed transmission. 24V electrical system. Only 168,000 kilometers = 105,000 miles : Just getting warmed up for a Toyota, this will go up as I drive it...
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